The latest Chapter in Fairy Tail introduced us to the third part of the Tartaros Arc. With Face now deactivated we must move on. What quite this new plan is… we are yet to find out.


In this chapter we started off withFranmalth being in high spirits, expecting “Natsu and Co” to lose their powers. Unfortunately for him, things didn’t pan out as Tartaros had expected. Wendy miraculously succeeded. And by miraculously, I mean without any logical explanation.

So what does this Demon do? He throws a fit. He completely loses the plot and just wants to concentrate the rest of his life in absorbing the Fairies. Damn! You must have thought there would be more to his worthless life than Face. Well there is now… and it’s called Revenge.


Like we haven’t seen this before.

So Franmalth tries to absorb Natsu,Lucy and Happy. Natsu decides to think about something dear in order to hold on to his soul and its to meet Igneel once again. This makes me want to see Igneel as well. If its so important to Natsu, Igneel must be super awesome.

Lucy thinks about her guild and her Celestial Spirits whilst Happy thinks about Carla and Fish! xD

So he taps into Hades Magic Ability in order to get the upper hand but Lucy suddenly gets the bright idea to release the Keys of Taurus and Aries from their contracts because she doesn’t want him to keep their souls.

This almost forces Franmalth to get sucked into the Celestial World so he releases both of them which leads to another great idea… She calls for Natsu to be released as well and immediately Franmalth reacts to the bluff and releases Natsu as to avoid being sucked in.

Those saying celestial power is going to be important against curses… I think you might be right. How was she able to close a contract with Natsu?<br />
Update: Apparently it was a bluff. lol

“Tricked You Bitch!”

Since magic cannot work on this bastard, Natsu decides to go with more simpler means. Like picking up a huge piece of rock and smashing it onto his foe. And that seems like its enough to defeat the most annoying of the Tartaros Demons.

The souls he had collected are released and begin to return to whomever they belong. This triggers the release of Master Hades who leaves a warning for Natsu to deliver to Makarov “It has only … Just Begun!”

That’s scary dude. What does he mean that it’s only just begun? Is there a lot more to come?

He also mentions that Face was not their true goal and that Natsu should tell Makarov, “This time, I shall release the light.”

What does all this mean?

* * *

Meanwhile Kyouka has had enough with Erza and rushes off for what seems like Plan B considering Face failed. So she leaves a familiar face to deal with the Fairies… Minerva! Or should I say NEO MINERVA!

That’s like Neo from the Matrix combines with Minerva! That’s like a whole new level to Minerva! DAMN!

However there is something important mentioned in this part of the chapter… Kyouka mentions somebody called Master End… Could this be the E.N.D that Zeref mentioned?

So Kyouka works under END? I thought she lead the Tartaros Guild.


Hades delivering his message in the end was pretty good and the mention of END by Kyouka! Above all, we are going to see Erza vs Demon Minerva.


Franmalth was really corny and bad in this chapter. Really annoying. Didn’t enjoy any of the time he got.


Happy and his love for Fish! That shit was hilarious considering he was so serious about it.

OVERALL this chapter gets a decent 6/10. Nothing spectacular but the plot keeps ticking forward.