ODA! You’ve done it again! This chapter was just so awesome! I can’t think of a word to describe it better. It was just AWESOME! Actually I just thought of another word; Beautiful… The feeling inside my heart that I felt would be described as BEAUTIFUL! ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!

Here is a video discussion to go along with this review. The discussion/review is done by the team of Sleeping Geeks for this chapter and also the previous one.

There were THREE main parts to this chapter.


We started off where we ended the previous chapter and the centre of the Colosseum exploded at the hands of Lucy (Sabo). Mind you, after all this time, it’s still not confirmed in the minds of some idiots that this Sabo. However, this chapter was about to change that.

Amongst the commotion, Diamante announced that the prize was never meant to be up for grabs. With the evacuation in place and chaos erupting, Sabo rose above the rest, prised open the chest with the Mera-Mera no Mi and ate it! HE ATE THE FRUIT!

All this happened so fast, it was difficult to keep up. Diamante and Burgess were helpless against the might of Sabo! He is an absolute BEAST! And now he’s got the Fruit! How strong has he just become? That question just blows my mind away.

Many people didn’t want Sabo to get the fruit. They’re not happy that he’s the one to take Ace’s powers. I’m like… are you mad? Who better than Ace’s brother to carry on the will of Ace? There is not a single person in the One Piece Universe that I would be content with having the Mera-Mera no Mi than Sabo. It just had to be and I’m glad Oda did this. I had predicted this to happen as it made the most sense! As soon as I saw him, I had found my answer for Ace’s fruit.

But it just happened so fast!

Sabo’s transition into a Logia DF user is so cool. At first he’s like, I’m burning but then he realises it actually does him no harm as he has become ‘fire’. He then carries out Ace’s “Hikan!”

 ”Ace, I’m gonna use your technique!!!” - Sabo | Chapter 744<br />

That was so cool. But it did raise a question in my head… How was he aware of Ace’s attacks? Were they common knowledge? I was pretty sure Ace got the fruit after he had left the island. It must mean Sabo was keeping tabs on Ace but never bothered to get in touch with him. What a shame… Although sometimes I wonder whether he might have…

What if the two of them had got together before and agreed that if Ace was ever in trouble, Sabo would not risk his position as he is far more important living as a revolutionary than dying for a pirate like Ace.

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!<br />
(lol Bartolomeo xD )

He rescues Rebecca from the carnage, pushing Bartolomeo aside, who had previously been carrying the Princess without his approval. She was basically holding onto him as he ran to protect himself.

Whilst running, his disguise falls apart. Koala appears with his clothing and we finally get to witness the man himself. We finally get to see what Sabo actually looks like! HE LOOKS AWESOME! There is that scar on his face that I had noted in the Review for Chapter #736 which I had titled, “Sabo has a SCAR!”…

His appearance is awesome and as expected, but that smile and that charming face took me by surprise. He actually looks like a really nice guy whereas I was getting the impression he was really cold and stern when he was in disguise.

He talks about Luffy being the original Lucy and declares Luffy his younger brother. The smile on his face shows he is more than happy to be reunited with him.

One Piece 744 # Sabo # by SeireiART

He is revealed to be the second-in-command of the Revolutionary Army and they have come to uncover the weapon trade that was taking place on the island. This is interesting… The weapons seemly are transported to someone else which is a point to note. That’s what the Revolutionaries are trying to figure out. I think this holds some significance.


Usopp is still laid out and Robin has to protect him against an angry Trebol. He uses his Sticky Chain but she stops it with her Big Ass Hands! But before the fight that I had predicted would happen, a giant steps in and take Usopp.

Our little Sniper is screaming in his head because he’s in sooo much pain but unfortunately words won’t come out.

Usopp has basically become their saviour and as the giant shows him off to the world in a style that reminds me of Rafiki with Simba… The ceiling breaks, thanks to Sabo’s Dragon Fist and his use of flame! This allows a ‘heavenly’ light to penetrate the ground upon they stand which makes it seem light is shining from the heaven’s giving Usopp a heavenly appearance. Soon enough he becomes a messiah figure for them which allows Usopp to use them in order to destroy the Factory.

The whole “Army of 8000” seems like it will come true. Usopp has a frickin’ ARMY! This is like Buggy all over again. I can clearly see a Buggy’s Army vs Usopp Army in the near distant future of One Piece!


This is where things got interesting… Luffy was there rescuing Trafalgar Law and Law was claiming that he shouldn’t considering they were no longer allies. Luffy argued that Law had no right to cancel the alliance on his own, yet he claims only he can decide. This completely baffles Law but makes for an interesting conversation and we get another awesome Law expression.

And then they were knocked about because the ground shook. Clearly Pika’s doing, which explains why he went missing against Zoro. And then it speaks… I mean the head… Doffy’s head talks! HE IS ALIVE! Just like most of us predicted.

But how? Well, looks like Pika might have something to do with it but we’re not going to find out quite just yet. However, Doffy decides it’s time to use his final trump card. THE BIRDCAGE!


Even Law becomes extremely frightened at the sound of this. What could it possibly be? I’m thinking, something along the lines of a cage made out of his wires that may trap everybody around him. Or he might set up a trap of wires where any little movement can result in a chopped limb. I don’t know what it is and I’m dying to know…

I guess the double chapter next week should clarify things.

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