One Piece is back after the break and what a way to start a whole new chapter in this arc. Damn you Doflamingo! I did not see this coming.

Bird Cage One Piece

I did foresee a couple of things… well not exactly foresee but did brainstorm a couple of possibilities that have turned out to be true such as Doflamingo using his strings to control a puppet and the whole birdcage being an actual cage made out of strings that would trap everybody in the island. I think that was quite smart of me to think that way. I guess I can finally see things from Oda’s point of view.

Well not really but it’s a start right? 😛

This chapter started off in the Smile Factory. The little dwarves are working whilst Diamante and Trebol are given the duty to protect it from the rebellion that has risen. They are comfortably taking out these fodder civilians, creating a pile of bodies. And by bodies, I mean just bodies… they’re not necessarily dead.

Robin is reunited with her Revolutionary friends Sabo, Hack and Koala (who has rushed up to hug Robin – How Adorable!) She introduces the legend Usopp to them all whilst questioning if they’ve met Luffy yet.

Dofla’Kinemon’ingo is still fooling people with his disguise as he makes his way out of the lift carrying the Tontatta tribe dwarves whilst Zoro is in search of Pika who has obviously left him to aid Doflamingo.

Doflamingo’s body that was decapitated turned out to be a puppet that he was controlling with his strings. You could say it was insurance policy and now he appears behind Kyros and attempts to decapitate him using a kick! A FRICKIN KICK! Now I’m not sure whether his Devil Fruit abilities were used in this matter but the kick did manage to break the building in half. A clean cut with a kick. Damn! Kyros would have lost his head had Luffy not intervened.

Luffy’s attempt to fight Doflamingo was also futile as Doflamingo is also a master at Armament Haki like Vergo before him. And it turned into a 2 vs 1 in a sense as his string controlled clone is also capable of attacking! That’s neat but also very dangerous to take on.

Pika used his ability to become the palace itself and threw everybody out. It was as simple as that. This was done so that Doflamingo could concentrate of initiating the ‘Bird Cage’. Strings from the head of his dummy flew into the air and captured everything within Dressrosa in a cage made of wires. Nobody can leave; nobody can enter.

So now that he had everybody trapped, it was time to announce the Hunger Games.

That’s right… Its a hunt for survival on the island. Basically now that everybody knows the truth, he can’t let them out. There are two options… Either they find him and kill him… Or they kill the people he has placed bounties upon. These targets will most obviously be the Straw-Hats and Revolutionaries.

Can they defeat Doflamingo before they are defeated themselves? The name of this technique was also called Parasito which combines the words Parasite and the Japanese for String. Even the Marines cannot make contact with HQ. Shit is crazy right now.

Did I mention the palace itself is several feet in the air hanging on from the roof of the bird cage?  Not going to be easy reaching it. The smile factory was also lifted along with the palace. Its like the perfect escape plan. This guy has taken all the precautions necessary to get out of this mess.

Overall another awesome chapter and I cannot wait for the one this week!