So I’m kinda behind on my Fairy Tail reviews and that is partly down to me being busy and not too much happening to garner my attention. Fairy Tail is ticking along as healthily as ever however like I’ve mentioned plenty of times before; entertaining but not interesting.

However the final chapter did get my attention so here goes nothing.

So I’ll start with Chapter 380…


Franmalth is getting his rebirth on… He’s transferring himself into the chamber where Mira and Sayla are getting it on. I mean, having an epic battle… Demon vs Demon. Damn that sounds as sexy as it looks.

Sayla can’t effect Mira and Mira can’t effect Sayla. They’re basically countering one another’s effects. However, Sayla’s ‘Macro’ she placed upon Elf-Man is still in effect and she plans on using him to destroy his sisters. Oh Brother! (pun intended)

Mira learns that the chamber they are in is used to revive all the demons. Great going telling her dumb-ass demons because she destroys the whole frickin’ lab. Genius!

This pisses Sayla off and she uses her ‘Marco’ on herself to go crazy ‘Demon Bitch’ mode.

The chapter ends with an introduction to the Tartaros Guild Master… So it seems Kyouka was just the Squadron Leader… This guy is the master… and he hold the book titled E.N.D in his hand.

So E.N.D is a book or Evil Natsu Dragneel? I am officially confused by this but then again the ‘Evil Natsu Dragneel’ thing is just a prediction/rumour so we shall see… Did I mention this Demon King guy wants to destroy Fairy Tail as well… just like the countless other guys before him. Don’t worry though, Carla can predict lots of futures and there will be one which can be used to defeat him. All will end well in Magnolia and Fiore.

Overall this chapter gets a 7/10 for being a decent read and because I am in a good mood.