Arthur and Amaterasu – Seven Deadly Sins #75 Review

Yep, Seven Deadly Sins is back on track. Last chapter may not have lived up to my (admittedly inflated) expectations, but this was a storming return to brilliant, action-packed form.

First up, King is a beast. Like, seriously. Having just despatched Helbram in double-quick time, he then proceeds to lay the smack-down on Dreyfuss without even (literally) blinking.

I know Dreyfuss was knackered following his confrontation with Gowther but even so, King displayed that he could well prove a match for a great Holy Knight if both were at full-strength.

Nanatsu no Taizai 75 - Page 7

He also pulled out the awesome in threatening Dreyfuss in no uncertain terms. That, I think, could be a real turning point in the arc and thoroughly expect Dreyfuss to reveal his cluesness over the machinations of Hendricksen and Helbram and – if to not actually join with them – then at least to leave the Sins be for a while to instead focus his attentions on investigating Hendricksen. Exciting stuff.

Oh, and Diane seems fine, now. Go figure. That’s the power of pollen garden, I guess.

But the real fun of the chapter began midway through as we finally got to see just what was going on with Arthur vs Hendricksen. And ohhhh boy: without a doubt, their fight looks like it will definitely live up to its billing.

Nanatsu no Taizai 75 - Page 11

Drawn to perfection (as fights tend to be in Seven Deadly Sins) we finally got to see Arthur laying into Hendricksen (and criticising him for his mid-fight internal monlogue – loved that) before the latter decided to pull out the big guns in an effort to get Arthur to reveal more about his abilities.

Nanatsu no Taizai 75 - Page 13

Once again, this fight looked AWESOME. I just want more, damn it…

Yep, Hendricksen must be an Uchiha fan as he threw some mean Amaterasu-like flames Arthur’s way.

Nanatsu no Taizai 75 - Page 17

Fortunately, a shock entrance was on hand to rescue the boy-king. Meliodas finally entered the fray, saving Arthur from Hendricksen’s onslaught, and setting up a pretty epic fight to come.

Nanatsu no Taizai 75 - Page 20

With my speculative hat on, I again predict (as I did a few reviews back) that this fight will be interrupted. Hendricksen vs Meliodas has too pivotal a feel about it to be played out fully at this stage, especially with Dreyfuss possibly moving towards becoming more of a good-guy and Hendricksen stepping up to main-villainhood.

Even so, it should be a pretty awesome showdown, and I really hope we get to see Meliodas and Arthur working together against their common enemy. Roll on next issue!


  • Finally, the fight I’ve been waiting to see! So hyped for the continuing throwdown between these guys next time…


  • The chapter felt short… I guess, in a way, that’s a backhanded compliment, really, in that I read the damned thing so quickly that it felt like it rushed by. So, kudos I guess.

Overall: A great chapter, which left me wanting more. I’ll give it an 8/10

Koba out.


One response to “Arthur and Amaterasu – Seven Deadly Sins #75 Review

  1. Dreyfus is really stubborn and perhaps a bit suicidal, since King, though tired, had kicked Helbram’s ass just a moment before. And Guilthunder left him alone when he barely could walk alone, what a caring nephew ¬.¬ Pity they won’t show Dreyfus and Hauser’s reactions when Guila tell them about the demon’s corpse in the basement and the new generation’s drinking parties with demon blood. Their faces would be priceless.

    ” Yep, Hendricksen must be an Uchiha fan as he threw some mean Amaterasu-like flames Arthur’s way. ”

    My god, if he learns Sasuke’s plot armor no jutsu, the world is doomed! Meliodas and Arthur should learn the legendary Talk and Therapy no Jutsu to have the least chance to defeat him. They at least have chemistry and their interactions are very funny, especially Meliodas calling the king “kid” despite to look like his little brother XD


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