You may have noticed (if you were paying any attention to the site at all) that Sleeping Geeks hasn’t had any recent posts. Some of you may have feared we have closed down, never to return again. To be honest that could have been the case if we lived in a alternative universe where we weren’t constantly reminded to chase our dreams and never give up. Unfortunately in the world I live in, we have mangaka who are constantly writing it out for the likes n us to continue enjoying their works.

The reason for our recent slump was mainly not having enough time and the exam period taking over our lives. Although I personally have no exams but the rest of my peers have some sort of assignment or examination process they must prepare for. I’ve just been feeling a little down these days and couldn’t muster the inspiration to write. And I recently got addicted to some popular online game known as League of Legends. I know its not a good enough excuse but I promise to make up for it with awesome blog posts and creative content for you guys to read.

I shall continue to Review the following Manga: (ONE PIECE, FAIRY TAIL) on a weekly basis starting July and hopefully more shall be added to this. You could almost say this will be a restart of sorts because this time around, there will be no going back. There will be no lackluster posts and what-not… Apart from this one. And there will be no stoppages. We are also in search for new writers if there is anybody out there that is interested.

I may start another blog just for my ramblings should anybody be interested but Sleeping Geeks will be solely used for bringing entertainment for the readers.
That is all for now… Peace Out!