Ok, I am back with my weekly One Piece reviews…

I know, I know… I did say I would be back a whole month ago but life got busy and I got side-tracked. Most of the blame lies with League of Legends but let’s not go there.

OP 755

This week’s One Piece wasn’t spectacular I must admit. Compared to how well this arc started off, it’s kind of becoming a bit stale now. You could say it’s dragging a little.

The Samurai duo Kinemon and Kanjuro seem to be on a rescue mission, very similar to that conducted by Usopp. Only difference being, they’re actually aware of what is going on.

Kanjuro’s Devil Fruit ability is an interesting one and would be quite remarkable in the hands of a true artist. Unfortunately, it is wasted on this samurai who lacks the control of a pen.

The bird was hilarious enough. These ladders are just a health hazard, plain and simple. I would probably prefer remaining a prisoner than risk my life on one of those; my fear of heights not helping the situation obviously.

The dwarves in the Smile Factory seem to be coming to their senses and are starting a revolution of their own. The lies are not affecting them as much as they used to. I mean they’re still naïve and all but apparently the use of earplugs is a counter to lies. Why didn’t I think of that?

They even entered the keep out door by accident to discover the truth about Mon-Sherry’s location.

Franky was quite entertaining. Hadn’t realised he was born with great hearing but you learn something new every day. His manipulation of Senor Pink’s chivalry was exceptionally well played, giving him the opportunity to rush into the Smile Factory.

The 20-year-old hideous Factory Boss I found annoying. It’s like every time I look at her, I feel angry and annoyed for some reason although fighting with a vacuum cleaner is pretty unique. I wished Franky would kick the shit out of her but unfortunately he went and kissed her. I will admit it was again very entertaining.

The “We’re nothing more than Heart-Breakers” line was pretty sweet. I’m really hoping this Senor Pink guy becomes a One Piece ally. He is just so damn cool!

The Man-Sherry situation seems to be quite important now considering even Violet and King Riku are speaking of it despite Usopp getting hysterical in the background. I have to accept that Usopp will always be Usopp.

Apparently she’s locked up in the palace somewhere; crying for help. She seems to be very important because of a power she possesses. What could be this power?

Zoro is really starting to get on Pika’s nerves now. He seems to be having fun facing such a huge monster. That’s our Zoro. Nothing fazes him. Even Barty is fan-boying like crazy right now and I totally respect that.

Overall a decent chapter but I would like to see some more of the story progressing. At the moment it seems rooted for a change. Or maybe I’ve just got used to the fast pace we’re moving at.