My first time playing this game it just reminded me of a Warcraft 3 mini-game. It was like flash back of hacking small minions into oblivion and showing other heroes who’s boss while continually leveling up your abilities with increasing power. After finishing the first game, i soon realized that levels did not carry over. What was the point of that then i thought to myself. I soon figured as i continued to play my second game.

As all new games, there’s some skills required which become apparent while playing. Creep Scoring (CS), last hitting or minion farming are all phrases for the player to land the killing blow on a small creep which nets you gold. When something has multiple phrases surely it has to be important, we don’t have to go far just look up the amount of phrases for …. .

We all know what happens to fighters who charge in first before anyone can get close. They most definitely get smashed to a pulp before anyone can help them. There is no Rambo mode in this game unfortunately.

Just like in Warcraft 3 there several heroes to control slowly levelling them up. Learning new abilities which make them different to any other champion. Each hero has a passive ability, 3 standard abilities and an ultimate. Each unique champion has a role in the team these are categorized as fighter, mage, marksman, support, assassin and tank. Just with anything a nice mix is needed to achieve victory over the other team.

Just as there are numerous unique heroes there are also countless items which can be used by them. Items have both a passive and an active ability. A passive item works without the user knowing slowly ticking away in the background. Whereas the active must be activated by the hero themselves giving them a status boost giving them an edge in a fight.

Now that the basics were covered i really began to understand that each game was a new challenge. A different player, a different champion and a different item set. Each game i played the more i learnt about how item sets and player choices impacted the end result.

The most important thing was GOLD!

Each kill whether it was a creep or a hero gave me gold. This gold meant that i could purchase my items faster and thus becoming stronger quicker.

This game is has a very steep learning curve as there are many champions roles and items sets to build and counter. each situation is different and thus grips players who wish for a challenge. dont be surprised after playing this game that you have sunk at least 250 hours before the real challenge starts.

The golden level 30 allows to you hit ranked games where shit gets real and you start your road to being the best