Once again the Halo universe has us in a spin…


All halo fans once again hold their breath for the fifth edition of the halo series.  The average halo fan was slightly let down by the previous two editions in Halo: Reach and Halo 4. They strode one step too far from what we loved in halo 2 and 3. Trying too much to copy other such games in the fps genre making halo just another gimmick.

The idea of starting with a preset loadout which one can customise depending on their gameplay is kinda new but doesn’t really fit well with the halo set-up. This concept was drafted from such games as Call of duty and Battlefield. At the beginning of a Halo game there was usually a mad dash to the sniper and/or rocket signature to the halo series. This feature was lacking in the two games before and therefore losing feel to a halo game. We all know what happens when you lose that early clash but that’s what we want!

With the new details of halo 5 being released I was super happy at the fact they where going back to the origins of halo and giving up on chasing games like Call of duty. This would be more authentic feel for a halo player reliving those halo 2/3 experiences. I for one spent countless hours creating playlists and maps for friends to goof around on. It was like our go to game once we where bored of everything else.

The main point which really stood out in the new halo 5 was that there would be equal starts. no more load out changes with different weapon and grenade sets. Also there is no dual wielding for those who loved this in halo 3 developers have missed this off their agenda. The focus being on equal starts that no team will start with some bonus items which will give them an edge in battle. This time relying purely on skill and experience just like the Halo games of old

As with all new games 343 studios have designed several new maps which are purely focused on the original 4v4 team fights. Red vs Blue. Smaller compact maps for quick game turnover and then more spaced out arenas for the more ranged combat. As well new maps a remake of an old halo 2 classic Midship will be featured in Halo 5. Some classic weaponry such as the DMR, Battle rifle, Assault rifle, Sniper rifle just to name a few are present remade with new sound effects. The SMG is also present, but one wonders with the new shading of the weaponary will they be customisable?

The set date for the beta is sometime in December.

I’m definitely excited. Are you?

I would like to know what maps you guys would love to see in Halo 5, comment below.