This latest chapter… This latest chapter in One Piece… Was interesting as fuck! I don’t know what anybody else might have thought of it, but to me this was intriguing.


Doflamingo loves to boast and in this moment, where he thinks Law and Luffy won’t survive, he potentially spills the beans on some top secret government information. I say government but in actual fact it’s the Tenryubito secret.

Considering Doflamingo once was a Celestial Dragon, this makes complete sense. It makes sense that he would know something about the Celestial Dragons that the rest of the world wouldn’t know. He talks of a national treasure. They have some kind of weapon that they don’t want anybody to know. And this information is what allows him to have so much influence on the World Government.

They wanted him dead but realised that was too difficult to do so instead they have bargained with him.


Now my theory is this weapon is one of the three super powers in One Piece. Obviously we know about Poseidon; the power to control all sea monsters. This is held by Princess Shirahoshi of Fishman Island.

And then there were the blueprints to Pluton which only Franky knows of since he destroyed them although the location of Pluton is currently unknown. And finally there is one other weapon…

Uranus! Of which we know nothing about… I shall write a post in the future about my theories on these weapons but as of now, I’ll just leave it at this could be information in regards to Uranus.


Doflamingo also mentions that Law’s fruit, the Ope Ope no Mi is actually really overpowered and one that many people in the world desire. The fruit can actually be used to bring the weapon to life in some way. I’m not sure how exactly this would be possible but then again; we know nothing of this weapon.

So I believe Doflamingo wants to kill Law and re-attain the power of his Devil Fruit.


The second half of this chapter was about Corazon; the heart executive and brother of Donquixote Doflamingo. This guy we first heard of a very long while back at the start of this arc. He’s the guy that means everything to Law. He was murdered by Doflamingo. The reasoning behind this is uncertain but its clear Law has held a grudge against Doflamingo ever since.

Now this Corazon is shown in a flashback and this guy seems to be a right character. One of the clumsiest idiots you’ll ever find… And it seems he hates kids.

I really want to read about Law’s backstory and how Corazon influenced his life. From what we’ve seen so far, Law was born to parent’s who were doctors and apparently he only had a few years to live and in those few years he wanted to kill and destroy as much as possible.