Trafalgar Law’s Hatred For Bread; The Secret Revealed.

Bread is beautiful!

That is not just a statement. It is widely known fact around the world. You see bread is something special. You can eat it with anything. Trust me I’ve tried it and it works. You can eat it with Curry, with Soup, with Eggs, with Meat, with Salad, Cheese, Vegetables, Pizza, Ice Cream… You name it.

Bread has this magnificent softness that gels really well with the human tastebuds. The texture is just perfect, regardless of what kind of bread it is you are eating as long as the quality is right.

I mean, they say it for a reason… “THIS IS THE BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD.”

Because sliced bread was ‘THE’ best thing in the world at one point. It single handedly created the whole ‘Best Thing’ Phenomena. It was one thing that everyone could agree on.

Everything in the world was fine until Oda revealed…Ok this is hard for me to say but I’m just going to have to go ahead with it.

Oda-Sensei revealed, my beloved Trafalgar Law, has a hatred for bread.

My world almost collapsed after hearing this.



All this time I’ve been living in a world of confusion. I didn’t know what to believe anymore… until the latest chapter. All was finally revealed.

Let me introduce you to a younger version of our least favourite Donquixote Family Executive… TREBOL.

Now let this picture sink in your mind. You are a young child who isn’t going through the best phase in his life. You are to die soon. And you envision this horrible beast of a man before you. He is the most loathsome thing you have ever seen. He’s eating with his mouthful and there is snot hanging down his nose at the same time. And what is it that you ask he is eating…


Such a scenario lives on a young child’s mind until the day he dies. Trafalgar Law has been scarred for life. This is what the monstrous being Trebol is capable of. He is truly despicable. Lets pray one day, through some psychological or godly intervention, Law is able to get over this memory and is able to enjoy bread once more. But until that day, I will never forgive Trebol.


4 responses to “Trafalgar Law’s Hatred For Bread; The Secret Revealed.

  1. Unacceptable! Things like this should be censored or not put in at all! I should be able to go complain to the mangaka!



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