Fifa 15 trading

Hey guys, welcome to my new series on trading on the Fifa 15 FUT game mode.

I know what your thinking… and no this will feature new techniques that many people don’t use so stay tuned and gain the advantage over your friends.

Today’s method is what I call RB and LB bargain hunting. Traders should have about 5-10K coins for this to work effectively.

For this to work you will need to select a league such as BPL then filter the positions to either RB or LB don’t forget to search for players who are gold rated.


This is where you need to pay attention.

Search for the lowest BIN price. So at the moment the price for the cheapest RB is about 1500 off peak and 1800 peak time.

Put the parameters accordingly. So if your at off peak time, put your BIN at 1500 and etc.

Eventually someone will list RB or LB at the wrong price and you can get yourself a bargain.

Also, a noteworthy point more people will be listing these bargains at peak times so make sure you know when your peak times are. Based on my timings 15:00-21:00pm GMT seem to the time most people are online.

Also 00:00-02:00am GMT is peak times in the USA.

I have had great success with this method. This trading method doesn’t only work with BPL but with other leagues too (Seria A).

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Here’s a little gem I managed yesterday…