Its been a while but I’m back with a new review for Fairy Tail. This is one of the series I have been following despite the hiatus and I am up to date with so I may as well continue with it.

The chapter continued building upon the hyping of Igneel and Natsu’s similarities as the two show promise in their own battles.

Igneel vs Acnologia

Igneel vs. Acnologia

Natsu vs. Lord Mard Geer

Now from my point of view, both Igneel and Natsu are the under dogs here but through their sheer will power, they are able to keep the pressure on their opponents. Even Lord Mard Geer was surprised by Natsu’s abilities.

Obviously the lad wants to impress his dad so Lord Mard Geer better be prepared for it.


Mard Geer decided to demand Kyouka sacrifice her life in order to make sure Face is activated by somehow merging with the system and becoming the key. She also decided now was the time to unlock her final form in order to take on Erza. This should be an interesting fight I reckon.

Something that confuses me is the fact that they’re trying to revive E.N.D and they’re doing it all for Zeref. Although it never seems Zeref has ever specifically asked them to. He seems like a sounds guy. Also, what link does Acnologia have with any of this and why has he even shown up?


Well, to be honest… not much else happened this episode. I guess Natsu and Igneel using the FLAME DRAGON’S IRON FIST move at the same time was the highlight of the chapter. Which I guess is pretty cool, although again I was confused by them acquiring Iron. Isn’t that like Gajeel’s shit.

I guess we’ll figure more of this out next chapter.

See you until then.


(This rating is based on Fairy Tail, with 10 being the best it can be. However, this 6 does not equate to a 6 for One Piece or other manga where my expectation would be much higher.)