This is what I have been waiting for, for quite a while now. And although it has just begun, I am already satisfied. Oda Sensei… You are awesome.

I am talking about the latest One Piece chapter where we get a glimpse into Trafalgar Law’s past. The story is narrated by Gladius as the Donquixote Pirates are carrying out some Raid. I love how they’ve done this because it seems like a bed-time story of legends being told to a young Baby-5 who is intrigued by it.



Also, Doflamingo is shown reading a book about the city of Flevance and a point to note, his glasses are shown resting on a desk. Will we get to see the eyes of the Joker Prince?


Trafalgar Law used to live in a paradise on earth. It was literally one of the most amazing places to live, within the One Piece Universe. There was no city more beautiful. He had two amazing parents, a sweet young sister and lived in a dreamy world. It was nothing short of a fairy tale life.

But his life was not meant to be all happy and joyful. This fairy tale was to end in the most horrible of ways.



Beneath Flevance “The White City”, an amazing mineral was found and was heavily mined. This was known as Amber Lead and was used to produce high quality weapons and goods. Only there was one problem. It was poisonous. Obviously the bastard World Government and the Royal Family of the island knew about the problem. However, they were willing to risk the lives of the innocent inhabitants of Flevance in order to make the profits.



The effect of Amber Lead was quite unique in that it remained dormant as it was only poisonous in the slightest amount; however it became more potent when passed onto offspring of those affected. It worked in the form of reducing life-span. So each generation would have a shorter life-span than the previous by a lengthy amount. Such was the effect that all 3 generations affected became active at around the same time so a mass epidemic erupted in the city wiping almost everybody out apart from Law.

Now some may say this is similar to Robin’s flashback where her entire cities inhabitants were wiped out by the World Government. However despite that similarity, there are many differences. Oda here wasn’t focusing on this point for the flashback. Hardly any interactions between Law and his family were shown. The point was to show the horrible nature of the Royal Family and the World Government as well as the reason for Law to become the way he is.

This is for his character development. An insight into why he behaves the way he does and what his ulterior motives are.Young Law


Law approached the Donquixote Family with on the verge of death and all he wanted to do was punish the rest of the world; take as many people down with him. At this point, he hates the whole world. The reason behind this is the fact that no other nation or the World Government tried to help his people whilst they were suffering. In fact, they did their utmost to wipe them out, just in case the Amber Lead Fever was contagious.

With nothing to live for and growing frustration in his heart for Corazon, Law took a sword and stabbed the bastard right through his back, despite Doflamingo’s warning.


Doflamingo clearly stated he would kill anyone who even came close to harming a hair on his brother’s body. Was this brotherly love? Or was there an ulterior motive to sucking up to Corazon, for example because of his fruit. You see, the Ope Ope no Mi has an amazing ability to grant somebody immortality at the cost of sacrificing your own life. Now although it hasn’t been stated, from the looks of things, it seems Corazon held the Ope Ope no Mi before Trafalgar Law.

The flashback ended here but so far it is amazing and I cannot wait for the rest of it to be revealed.




The reasoning behind is more than just the fact that I have been wanting to know Trafalgar Law’s past. No, that’s not it. Neither is it the fact we got to see the Donquixote Family as their younger selves. That was cool as fuck and I’ll probably make another post about it but that is not the reason. What I liked most about this chapter was how it was set out.

It was told in the form of a story to a young child with the young child being Baby-5. So it was like a flashback within a flashback. You can even call it flashbackception. I love how the crew was out doing their usual business. I think a raid is being carried out and there is Gladius, casually telling a cute little baby-5 this story.

Kid Law Baby5

I felt the reason behind telling this story in such a manner was to help Baby-5 understand what Law has been through as she didn’t quite understand why he reacted so hostile towards her earlier. Although they were both of a similar age, there were huge differences in the way they behaved and this was simply because of the different things they had experienced in life.