naruto 694


This Chapter in a nutshell!

Hey guys its Hauntinglime back after a long break and I think its about damn time I review a chapter of Naruto. First things first, I was one of the biggest fans of Naruto but now i find the manga to be very MEH!

Don’t get me wrong I still love it 

BUT Kishimoto’s writing in the recent chapters has been below average, but that my friends is for another day.

Now on to this lame excuse for a chapter.

Sasuke got one thing right!

sasuke 694 2

Yes!!! soo much WIN here.

No doubt here, Itachi would be the best hokage. He is the most deserving of the title, period. What Itachi has done for the village has made him the star of this troubled manga. Its a real shame we could never see him actually be the hokage.



A dream come TRUE!

so thats the main highlight of this chapter. This chapter was simple and I’ll say it was some what unnecessary as it gave a VERY STUPID reasoning for why Sasuke wants to be the hokage.

“And I will begin by cutting you down, and the blood that rains down shall be a final memorial to my lost brother”

Im not even going to comment on this because it makes absolutely no  f***ing sense. Just let them fight for the title of hokage, Kishimoto.  

In all honesty Kishimoto should have left us without knowing Sasuke “TRUE” motive and just had us think that Sasuke wants to abolish the ninja system by severing the past for a new beginning. That alone would have been perfect.

However we get this!



I ain’t swallowing this BULLSHIT!!!

Don’t get me wrong Naruto’s ideology isn’t perfect but I respect that he isn’t going to do it alone and this war has shown that to us, which to me shows termendoes growth as a character.

Then comes Sasuke pulling some CODE GEASS bullshit.

Mind you I haven’t seen Code Geass and from what I’ve heard its probably done way better.

The funny thing here is that Naruto understood Itachi’s will better than Sasuke.

Then we find out, troll face sage knew all about this and decided f*** it I’m out of here. Basically the sage is to blame for giving sasuke the POWER!

And with that my friends we come to this. 





about damn time we see some hand to hand combat!


I’ll give this chapter a 5/10

because it was shit and pointless. If you disagree then ill absorb all the hate like Sasuke and cut you down 😛

naruto 694

now here’s a pretty picture to distract you guys while I leave…