Hey guys, it’s Bronze Panic and I’m back with another FIFA 15 trading guide for you guys. Last week I covered my trading secrets for the bargain hunters out there. This week I thought I’d go over what to buy and what to sell, but also the best times to do this.

Before I go into any specific details about this technique, I want explain the basic principles of economy. Supply and demand is very important for any businessman. If he is able to buy an item where it is less desirable he will no doubt be able to buy it cheaper. Then all he has to do to turn a profit, is to find when and where this item will be more desirable.


I mentioned this ever so briefly in my previous post, but this time I’m going to splash all my knowledge in this article for you so stay tuned. The main theme of this particular post will be peak and off-peak trading techniques.

In a single week of FIFA Ultimate Team so much can happen so let me break this week down for you.

Friday : Low volumes of players in the morning. High volumes of players in the evening and night

Saturday : High volumes of players throughout the morning, evening and night

Sunday : High volumes of players throughout the morning and evening. Very low volumes at night.

Monday and Tuesday: Low volumes throughout the morning and night. Medium volumes in the evening.

Wednesday : Low volumes of players in the morning. Very high volumes throughout the evening and night.

Thursday:  Low volumes throughout the morning and night. Medium volumes in the evening.

Please note : Morning = 9am to 2pm Evening = 3pm to 9pm Night 10pm- til late (all times in GMT)

Now that we know when most people are on, what does that mean?

More players online playing the games means several things. The amount of listings will generally go up. Value of players will generally increase by a few percent. This is because there are more gamers than the amount of football players being listed. Ultimately driving up the value of the players.

The opposite of that is also true and this is where this techniques comes into its own. Less gamers online mean lower amount of listings but less players to bid on the football players, resulting in price drop by a couple of percent.

Basically this technique is best used when you know the BIN (Buy It Now) of a player during the peak times.

Pick him up at an off-peak time 10% lower than an off-peak time using the auction system. Picking up a player in auction will usually allow you to get that player cheaper by roughly 5% than the BIN.

List him on at a peak time using the BIN price you already know.

Let me give you an example.

Player A is worth 1000 BIN peak time.

Player A is worth 900 BIN off-peak time.

Now you pick up Player A at off-peak time for 750-800 auction system. Then list him up 950-1000 BIN Peak time. Simple and an easy 150 to 200 coins per player you pick up.

Please note this is worked out in percentages and as value of players increase the margin of return also increases.

Another noteworthy point is these peak times does not account for holiday seasons, specific days off such as Thanksgiving and bank holidays.

In next weeks post, I will be covering Team of the week trading method and all the little cheap tricks to use to bag yourself some real coins.

Stay Tuned!

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