One Piece: Chapter 763 Review

After last week’s awesome chapter, most of us were eager for this week’s revelation and we weren’t disappointed. I mean we left it at the point where Law had stabbed Corazon, the beloved brother of Doflamingo.


Chapter 763: Human Declaration



Now I know Trafalgar Law backstory was one of the most tragic ever, but there was something about Doflamingo’s that makes it stand out as well. Now I know this guy is a prick and it is even shown that he was just as bad when he was kid but you can’t help but feel for the Donquixote family. Now the mother and father may have deserved it but the kids don’t know any better, yet they were hunted down and tortured repeatedly.

They had everything. They literally had everything because they were the Kings of the World. They ruled the whole world as part of the Royal Families. They were the Celestial Dragons. And then their father claimed to be human and was stripped of his status. Not to me, it seems their father was somewhat of an idiot. He may have felt human but he should have known better than to declare it in such a way that he would have to face such consequences. Instead, he should have used his status to do “good” in the world. He could have raised his children to be righteous and morally just.

But no; he failed in that department completely. The whole thing fell apart to the extent he was begging the other Tenryubito to take his family back or at least his children.

Going through a childhood like that would screw anybody over so Doflamingo being the way he is also makes sense.

I loved how Doflamingo woke up from his backstory like it was a nightmare; puffing and panting. He then got up and puts his sunglasses on. It is like he hides his pain behind his glasses; that’s what they represent.



Corazon decides to keep Law stabbing him a secret by bribing the kids with Ice-Cream. So in a sense, he saved Law’s life. It’s funny because Corazon doesn’t actually talk but Law is sure he could have written a report or something. He uses a paper that says ENEMY.

It’s quite the scene because Doflamingo calls upon Law to stand before him and Law is pretty sure he’s going to be made an example out of, however, that isn’t the case. Instead, Doflamingo offers him a position amongst his family.

Doflamingo can see the suffering he has experienced in the eyes of Law. He knows what Law has been through and that passion that he carries. Doflamingo even offers him the chance of a Devil Fruit that can save his life and wants to make Law his right-hand. Now is this genuine or not, I’m not sure but Doflamingo is clearly talking about the Ope Ope no Mi here right? Because that fruit would be able to save Law.

Dellinger sitting on a canon. SO CUTE!

We also get to see how the Family raid together and how Law is trained up by them over the years. He becomes one of them as they rise up against the marines and Doflamingo eventually becomes a Shichibukai. Or that’s what I think was shown… It was some kind of approval.

Lao G training Law



The final scene is set two years ahead where Buffalo, Law and Baby-5 are sat talking. Buffalo blackmails Law into telling them his real name by using Law’s secret of stabbing Corazon as leverage. It is then where Law reveals his true name.



Law carries the D. initial in his name. He carries the Will of D. THIS IS INCREDIBLE! WHOA! ODA, this reveal… DAMN! NOBODY SAW THAT COMING.

I had this feeling a while back that Trafalgar Law had something connected with the “Will of D”, simply because he mentioned that Luffy having the Will of D was one of the reasons he rescued him. But I didn’t expect this.

Now Corazon manages to hear this and takes Law away immediately. I don’t think the kids realised anything and didn’t take it into account what this means but Corazon knew. He told Law to get away from Doflamingo as soon as he can, because carrying the “Will of D” means Doflamingo is the last person he should be near to.

CORAZON ACTUALLY SPOKE! HE ISN’T A MUTE! I guess he just pretends to be dopey around his brother to not let him get onto him. Could Corazon actually have other intentions. Perhaps he was a secret member of the revolutionaries?

But what connects Doflamingo to the Will of D? What secret does he know that connects this to the Celestial Dragons and the weapon kept at Mariejois? I’m sure everything will be revealed soon but the suspense is killing me. What’s going to happen of Law? Does Doflamingo not know the true identity of Law even to this day?




The way this chapter was drawn and written, I cannot give it anything less than a 10. It was brilliantly done and even out did the chapter from last week. One Piece is just getting better and better and there is no stopping it.




Some Trivia and Funny Bits:

  • Trafalgar Law’s Name

Trafalgar was a battle in 1805 between the Royal Navy and the combined forces of the French and Spanish Navy. Now we know that the Donquixote Family all carry Spanish names so this is very interesting. Perhaps there is a French counter-part as well.

Also, Water Law seems very close in pronunciation to Water Loo which was also a battle. Which means Law may be named after two famous battles in the 19th Century.


  • Corazon’s Name

Corazon’s real name is Rocinante… This is interesting because it is a link to novel named Don Quixote where he was Don Quixote’s horse.


  • Okama Celestial Dragon

Is this what I think it is? An Okama Celestial Dragon? XD


  • Baby-5 and Dellinger

Here we have Baby-5 looking after a baby Dellinger. So Kawaaiii!


  • Doflamingo’s Ship

Doflamingo’s ship is shaped like a Flamingo. LOL