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This post is mostly based on speculation. Nothing is based on solid evidence. It is more on the side of exploring all the different possibilities. A bit like filling the gaps in using the knowledge you already possess.

 (Warning: The following post may contain many spoilers.)



As of Chapter 763 in the Manga, there a fair number of points we know; enough to make certain speculations.


  1. Corazon had the same kind of lifestyle as Doflamingo.

They are brothers by blood and grew up together in the same house-hold. From this we can speculate, the two of them were very close to one another and know what cruelty they have had to experience. Nobody else can relate to them the way they can with one another.



  1. Doflamingo watched over Rocinante like a big brother.

From what we have seen from the flashbacks, Doflamingo cared dearly for his brother from a young age. He was shown to tell Rocinante to eat up quickly; making sure his brother gets his meals and is eating up well. And upon seeing Corazon injured, he was quick to ask what happened to make sure it’s nothing serious. He even went on to say, anybody who was to lay a finger on Corazon would experience death at his hands.

  1. Corazon held secrets from Doflamingo.

The biggest secret we have seen so far is his ability to talk that unknown to the rest of the Donquixote family. How he has managed to convince everybody of this lie or the reason behind it is unknown. What we can speculate is that Corazon might be using this mask to spy on his brother.

  1. Corazon knows about the “Will of D”.

We do not know how much he knows about this subject and how he got this information. All we know is, he is aware of the taboo that surrounds those with initial D in their names.

  1. Corazon is aware Doflamingo is dangerous.

Upon learning of Law’s true name, he warned Law to get away from Doflamingo as soon as possible. He specifically stated that it was Doflamingo who posed a threat to Law. How or why, we do not quite know yet but obviously there is something about it.


  1. Corazon has a compassionate side.

Although the younger Donquixote brother claims to dislike kids and is always shown to be beating them, he saved Law’s life by hiding his secret. I mean he got stabbed for no apparent reason by this kid but Corazon didn’t say a word about it to anybody. In fact, he covered it up by lying to his brother.


  1. Doflamingo was responsible for Corazon’s Death.

We don’t know how exactly this went about but as far I can tell, Doflamingo was responsible for Corazon’s death.

  1. Law owes a debt to Corazon.

There is a reason why Corazon speaks so highly of Corazon. There must be something Corazon did something for Law that he holds such respect for the man. Could it possibly be he risked his life to save Law’s? Or was he the one responsible for curing Law?





  1. Corazon possessed the Ope Ope no Mi.

There is no evidence to go buy that would suggest such a thing but it is highly speculated that Corazon was the previous holder of the Ope Ope no Mi.

  1. Corazon was a revolutionary.

Considering the Revolutionaries have targeted Doflamingo and are aware of his underground activities, there is speculation that Corazon may have been the one providing them with the information. Let’s not forget point number 3 from the previous list. If he indeed is keeping secrets from Doflamingo, this could be the reason why. He is working against Doflamingo.

  1. Corazon despised Doflamingo.

Doflamingo was responsible for the death of their father. Perhaps Corazon was hurt by this incident and held a grudge against Doflamingo ever since. It could be that Corazon didn’t agree with Doflamingo’s decision but was unable to confront him about it due to not having enough strength to challenge him.



I came across some theories on one of the many One Piece forums (OROJACKSON.COM) and there were quite a few points raised that were interesting. Obviously I expanded on them with my own thoughts so that you guys can read and add your own thoughts to them.


Law’s Rebellion

I’d like you all to recall certain events that took place in the Punk Hazard arc.

During the battle between Vergo and Law, Vergo mentioned the beating Law took at his hands. There must have been a time where Doflamingo ordered Law to be beaten down. Vergo obviously accomplished this goal however what may have caused Doflamingo to give this order out? Was it more recently whilst Law possessed the Ope Ope no Mi.

I say this because Vergo was confident he could defeat Law despite Law being in possession of the Ope Ope no Mi. Obviously he was wrong and got his ass-whooped but that’s what I am thinking.

So Law became somewhat of a rebellious member of Doflamingo’s Crew. We know he formed his own crew at some point at least two years prior to the current events but what caused him to leave Doflamingo’s crew and pursue his own?

And why did Doflamingo allow him to become a part of his alliance once again as we have witnessed in Punk Hazard. Was it because of his ‘Potential’? And the fact he still owns the Ope Ope no Mi?

It is mentioned that the events involving Corazon took place 13 years ago. So he must have died 13 years ago. Did Law leave Doflamingo’s side at that point and attain the Ope Ope no Mi on his own or did he take it off Doflamingo?


The Third Corazon

Doflamingo clearly knows how strong the fruit is so he must have known who previously possessed the fruit. Well at least have some connection to a previous user.

They say Law would have been the third Corazon of the crew? That means there must have been another Corazon before Rocinante. Was this previous Corazon the one who was originally in possession of the Ope Ope no Mi?

Did Doflamingo murder this Corazon? Could this tragic event have been the cause for Rocinante to become mute?

Although considering Corazon perished 13 years ago, there may have been a second Corazon in between then and now. That might make more sense actually.


The Ope Ope no Mi

Doflamingo mentioned many points about the Ope Ope no Mi. However the following ones really caught my attention.

  •  Can grant immortality at the cost of the user’s life
  • Can implant a changed personality in someone

Clearly Doflamingo had some agenda involving these abilities. What was he planning to do? We know it involves the secret he discovered at Mariejois but what exactly does he plan to accomplish? Whose personality does he plan to change and for what purpose? Does he plan to use the immortality effect upon himself or someone else?

A friend of mine by the name Djinn from Bon Voyage had another theory on this matter.

What if Doflamingo has already had the surgery of immortality performed on him, hence why he is so overconfident? Perhaps it was one of the things he stole from Mariejois?

Immortality is something almost everybody who loves the world desires. I would believe the Celestial Dragons would come under that category. Time is one of the greatest weapons and Doflamingo now has it in his hands.

Perhaps Bonney’s abduction has something to do with this? After all, she has the power to grant someone youth.


The Curious Case of Sugar

As we are all aware; Sugar does not age. It is claimed this is an effect of her Devil Fruit. This information was provided by the Tontatta Tribe. How reliable a source is this?

The theory regarding this is that Sugar is a recipient of the Ope Ope no Mi Immortality. This is the reason why she does not age and not the fact it is a passive effect of her Devil Fruit. Now it could have been that Rocinante performed this operation on Sugar in order to avoid using it on Doflamingo. Perhaps Doflamingo had used the Bird Cage upon Corazon and forced his hand to take such measures after he had refused to abide by Doflamingo’s command.

Clearly Law has previously seen the effects of Bird Cage and has been traumatized by them. What other reason could Law have for becoming so afraid at the mention of ‘Bird Cage’?


That’s all I have for now but I might expand on this post once more information is revealed but for now, all we can do is speculate and ponder.