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[Warning: Contains Spoilers Within]


After the latest chapter of One Piece (763) and witnessing Doflamingo’s backstory, it got me thinking; is Doflamingo really a bad guy?

I mean think about it. I know a lot of people had tragic back stories but what Doflamingo went through would fuck with you head.



Imagine you were a King once upon a time. And I don’t mean any old King but a Celestial Dragon who were Kings of the whole damn world! People would do anything to reach that kind of status.

I am sure more than 50% of people in the world would be willing to do despicable and immoral acts to attain that glory for themselves and their family. But obviously this bunch of elite human beings is exclusive to royalty. Nobody can just sign up and join the Celestial Dragons.



Now imagine if this status was removed. You lived this heavenly life-style where you were taught you were better than everybody else and then suddenly one day everything is taken away from you and you are the scum of the earth and everybody hates you, like literally everybody; just because you were born a Celestial Dragon.

I’m sure Doflamingo never chose to be born this way. I’m pretty sure if he had a choice, he would have chosen to do so anyway, but that isn’t the point here. He was a child, who didn’t know any better and to be treated that way was unfair. Would you want revenge upon the world for having to go through the shit he went through? Yes you would!

He was tortured repeatedly, shamed and humiliated and even lost his mother because of it. Losing a mother through such means can screw with anybody. Can you imagine the pain? Sometimes I think about all the deaths caused by war and how many Doflamingo’s are created because of it.



Now we know Doflamingo isn’t all bad… We know how you ask? Well isn’t it obvious, I mean his merry “band of followers” is a living proof of that. Nobody would follow you to the ends of the earth if they didn’t believe in you. These people are a family. The Donquixote Family and the completely support their Master. How they came about to following him, I am not entirely sure but as we saw with Monet, she was willing to die for Doflamingo. He too has aspirations, he too has a dream and just like Luffy, he has nakama who are willing to die for him.

Vergo even spent 10 years training to become and rise amongst the marines just to please Doflamingo. Even someone like Bellamy, who he treats like shit, is willing to die for this man. There must be something about him that they worship. I say humanly side but I think it’s more of a godly side. They see him as a higher being at times. Perhaps it is because he once was a Celestial Dragon. I am not entirely sure but I am sure we will find out sooner or later.



Now this was the most interesting bit. Doflamingo meets a kid who is dying. This kid is full of hatred for the world and nobody wants anything to do with him. He’s been wronged by the world and yet they’re refusing to help him. Not only does Doflamingo offer to take him in, he offers this kid hope of surviving this incurable disease.

However, Doflamingo’s generosity didn’t end there. You see, we get to witness Doflamingo reading up about this kid and what he’s been through and in turn this triggers him nightmares of his own childhood. He connects with Law and what he has been through so therefore he offers Law a chance to become his right-hand in the future.

You could say, Doflamingo saw himself in Law; a kid who has nothing but hatred for the humans of the world.

So this kid who the world had forsaken, Doflamingo gave a second life to. So can you imagine the hatred he carries for Law for his betrayal?

Looking at it from Doflamingo’s point of view, he has every right to be furious with Trafalgar Law. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Obviously we don’t have the whole story of what happened as of yet but it is something to think about for now.



Doflamingo lost everything when his father gave up his position as a Celestial Dragon. He tried to rectify the solution by offering his father’s head to them but unfortunately that didn’t work. Lucky for him, he managed to escape with a secret that would allow him to use as a bargaining chip.

Now gaining back his position amongst the Celestial Dragons was impossible. However, what was there to stop him to regain his rightful place as the King of Dressrosa? Considering his family had given up the right to rule a country to gain immortality, now that his status was revoked, Doflamingo felt it his right to be given back his country. So he took it back. And not exactly by force either. He played a dirty game and became a hero, similar to what Crocodile was planning in Arabasta.

So he made King Riku kill his own people and enslaved half the country as toys but at least he made everybody forget about them right. So not all bad if you think about it? He had a good thing going for him until Luffy and Law messed it all up for him. Well, I saw Luffy and Law. What I actually mean is GOD USSOP!

Jokes aside, I can understand Doflamingo’s way of going about things. He wants revenge but he also has a compassionate side to those who have suffered at the hands of the World Government. He is also an enemy of the WG and Celestial Dragons. So in a sense, he could have become somewhat of an anti-hero.


So there you have it… My points on why Doflamingo isn’t completely bad. Yes, he’s an absolute jerk but some of that shit is justified although most is probably not but then again…

Nevermind, I’m just going to keep rambling. Feel free to leave your thoughts below so we can have an awesome discussion on this matter.