Kiseijū Sei no Kakuritsu


So I decided to start watching some of the new anime for the fall 2014 season. The one that grabbed my attention first was Parasyte. This anime sounds very interesting. I mean, alien creatures who take human hosts, I don’t see how this cannot be interesting.





I very much liked how the anime opened up; the face of a horrified wife who is completely decapitated at the hands by the morphing alien head of her husband. Just like that, she’s dead. The scene must have lasted a few seconds but it was impactful. You knew immediately, this wasn’t your walk in the park show; this was going to be gory and involve a lot of dead innocents.

I loved the way the blood splattered everywhere. It had that Attack on Titan feel for me.



I love every day kid anime and manga because most of us are every day kids. Well, I know I am. So it is easier to relate. I even loved the fact that he is scared of spiders. That’s a bit like me. This was great, now I can relate to him a lot more. I live amongst a family of arachnophobiacs so such reactions to spiders are completely normal for me.

The whole start with the voices in his head, loss of appetite and a family who cares reminded me of Spider-Man the movie with Tobey McGuire. The spider arrived just on cue. Was this planned? I’m not sure but it worked for me.



The imitating human behaviour scene was also very eerie and awesome. The face morphing of the alien creature reminded of yet another movie. This time it was Men in Black with the crazy evil alien guy who takes a human host.



I loved the references made at the start of the episode with the “snake”, his hands hurting and the headphones wrapped around his arm. It all makes sense as to what they all related to. It was the incident from the previous night.

His father even pulled out the “Are you on drugs?” question. That was just so typically normal.



The breast grab was really awkward. That girl is definitely his crush. She’s so damn cute. And he had to go and do that; takes a slap for it as well. The other girl seems really nice. I think she’s going to help him figure this mess out.

After all, he’s got a talking alien for a hand. I loved how he starts googling it. That’s another typical reaction. I would do the same thing probably. That is after I freak out for an eternity.

But I do like this alien hand creature. It is very reasonable and logical. Well so far anyway. I think Shinichi and his hand will have a good relationship. I just realised how perverted that sounds but it actually makes sense in this situation.



The techno music was quite pleasing as I’ve not had the chance to experience it in an anime yet despite not being a huge fan of techno. I think occasionally it has its perks, although I’m not sure what the future generation will think of it. Not proud of this generations taste in music.

I think the opening and ending are great. They’ll probably grow on me until I absolutely love them. That is just a given. It happens with pretty much all anime I watch. Not all, but pretty much all.

The dog fight scene was pretty cool. I can already tell the fight scenes will be creative considering the hand can morph into anything it desires. From what I understand so far, the more educated the parasite gets, the stronger it becomes.


Apart from it controlling my hand and making it look weird, I wouldn’t really have a problem with such a parasite. Wait, maybe I would. What the hell am I saying? No privacy. I would absolutely hate that.