My fellow Avatar fans welcome to the final season of…

The Legend of Korra!


Hey guys it’s Hauntinglime, here again with another… AWESOME POST!

I’ve personally loved the original Avatar: The Last Airbender series and when I mean I loved… I mean LOVED! Avatar: The Last Airbender to me is… The best western show I have EVER seen!  I am one of those geeks who watches it at least once a year just to get those amazing FEELS!

This show is the epitome of perfection. I swear to God I will make my future wife and kids watch it with me… every YEAR!


As you can see my love for the show is far above average…

Ok, it’s borderline crazy but can you blame me? If you haven’t seen the original show I beg you to watch it.


Please… please… please…

I’m going to to try and calm down as I need to write an expert review, but here is a small back story of a tragic encounter which left me incapable of taking the Legend of Korra seriously. I always dreamed about conveying my strong emotions about the Avatar world. However, Season 2 of the Legend of Korra left a foul taste in my mouth where I wanted to rant to no end. I kept quiet. Waiting for the day when the Legend of Korra would be worth talking about.

Thankfully that day is here.

Season 3 was brillaint!

Yet… what all the 3 seasons encapsulated was the fact that Korra never grew as a character. Each time she showed potential to change, she snapped right back to being her rude self. Don’t get me wrong, the Korra of today is less annoying than her original counterpart. In my honest, humble opinion, Korra does not act or behave like an Avatar.


I know my kind words against Korra will generate a lot of hate but there is hope. My  opinions on the show changed after the events played out by Zaheer! He single handedly challenged Korra far beyond her capability and will ultimately pave the way for Korra to become the embodiment of a true Avatar. I was amazed to see the writers take a different direction where they didn’t have Korra snap back as they did so foolishly in season 1.

Now we can finally see true character development. 

The amazing journey I experienced with Aang and his friends made me feel as though I was a part of it. It  immersed me fully! I really hope season 4  has an equally amazing journey set out for Korra where I can finally accept her as an Avatar like Aang. My prayers have been answered.

Welcome… Season 4!


PS – Naruto Sucks – Love Tai ❤