One Piece 764 Review


I was so desperate for answers in regards to this week’s chapter that I even ended up writing two articles to express my thoughts about what has been going on recently. One in regards to Doflamingo and the other predicting what lies ahead but obviously all the theories were debunked with this chapter.





This guy is something else… He straight up tells Law that he can talk and when Law questions his loyalty to Doflamingo considering he can actually talk, he’s like… “He just interpreted it that way.” Like dude, that’s straight up deceptive. Just because you don’t say it, doesn’t mean it’s not lying. Misleading is a form of lying.



But what’s really interesting is his Devil Fruit ability. I love how he told Law to be “Silent” and at the same time used his technique. Now I don’t think Doflamingo is aware of this but Corazon possesses the Nagi Nagi no Mi. All our predictions regarding Corazon being the original owner of the Ope Ope no Mi fly out of the window right here. Rocinante was a soundless man so being secretive became part of his nature.

His ability allows him to create a barrier around him to stop any sound travelling in or out. I think it’s a pretty weak ability but I guess it has its perks; although he might be able to use silence fruit to silence attacks. Mind you, it would be pretty awesome for stealth. The greatest assassin; can sneak upon everything.

I love how he tries to claim even his clumsiness is an act and then burns his shoulder with his cigarette.



Okay, my previous post “Is Doflamingo really that bad?” goes completely out of the window. Corazon has spoken. Going by his opinion, this douche-bag was born evil. He doesn’t even understand how his parents could have given birth to such an evil bastard. Corazon’s purpose in life is to make sure he keeps Doflamingo in check.



So Corazon reveals that only the four executives plus Vergo, the first Corazon know of Doflamingo’s true nature. So the rest of the crew are oblivious to how evil he truly is. That would make more sense. Doflamingo wanted to raise Law to be part of his inner circle because he reckons Law can handle it.

And truth be told, I think he could have handled because despite everything Corazon told him, Law still ran back to Doflamingo because he wanted to be like him. Even after two years, Law still wanted to make the world suffer. Law was the perfect subordinate for Doflamingo. I can see why he was so pissed off about the betrayal now.

So Vergo was the first Corazon and he was sent away on a top secret mission nobody else knew about, not even Rocinante. Obviously we know what it was and Law later learnt of it too… He joined the frickin’ marines!



This is what we’ve been waiting for. Some updates on the D family. Now Rocinante doesn’t know everything, but he does add to our knowledge with some very interesting information.

The first thing he mentions is that as children they were told horror stories to frighten them similar to the bogeyman.


“If you don’t behave, you’ll be eaten by ‘D’.”

Now this is interesting because let’s not forget, Rocinante was born in Mariejois so this is what the Tenryubito children are born within their minds. So the ‘Will of D’ is directly linked with the Celestial Dragons.


“That D will surely bring forth another storm.”

Rocinante also mentioned they were dismayed by the news of a ‘D’ making a name for himself. This shows that there were those with the name ‘D’ have been showing all throughout history and causing problems in the world for the Tenryubito. No wonder punching that bastard was Luffy’s natural reaction. It was meant to be. That’s where Law got it from when he said it.


“The Family of ‘D’ are God’s natural enemy.”

But this is what caught my attention the most. These celestial dragons refer to themselves as saints. So they’re the holiest of the holy in this world according to them. It had occurred to me before but the mention of God has definitely brought this forward.

There is religion in the world of One Piece and these guys are the ones who are at the top of the chain running this religion. So they must worship something or have some sort of religion they follow. They must have some sort of a rule set hence why Donquixote Homing was labelled a traitor for disagreeing with their philosophy of being better than humans.

So with that in mind, they would obviously label their enemies as the enemies of God. Rocinante even mentioned that they consider themselves as deities. That’s crazy man.

Rocinante also mentioned that perhaps it is the objectives of the ‘D’ to destroy the world whilst Doffy is out to do the opposite. I’m not quite sure what this is supposed to mean but clearly Rocinante was trying to tell Law his path is completely opposite to that of his brother.



After storming off, Law threatened to spill the beans to Doflamingo about Corazon. He even managed to avoid getting kicked by Corazon showing he’s come a long way since he joined the family. However some things never change. He had to bribe Buffalo from telling anybody, and I loved Baby-5 for her reaction to Law asking to borrow some money.


However Law decided to use this moment to settle the debt with Corazon considering he was spared from Doflamingo’s wrath when Corazon kept quiet about the stabbing. Cora was completely sure he was done for but sometimes your favours for others come in handy and it did on this occasion for him.



Perhaps the epitome of betrayals and the reason for the death of Rocinante was the fact that his biggest secret was his involvement with the marines. Yes, that’s right. Doflamingo’s brother was a marine working closely with Sengoku.

This guy was an undercover marine whilst Vergo was undercover within the marines. This was a very dangerous position for Rocinante to be in because if Vergo sniffed him out, he was done for.

So whilst one brother was planning to cause as much chaos and destruction in the world, the other was doing whatever there was in his power to keep him under control. What a plot Oda! This is frickin awesome

The codenames Sengoku and Corazon were using for one another was funny as hell. We also learn Corazon picks on the kids to make them leave the family but somehow he was unable to get Baby-5, Buffalo and Dellinger from leaving. Imagine how many more would have joined if it weren’t for Corazon.

This point also marked the appointment of Vergo to G-5 after his first year amongst the marines proved to be fruitful.



The crew were under attack from the marines and Corazon found the perfect opportunity to escape with Law much to Doflamingo’s anger. He left a note and all but Doflamingo was definitely not happy about it.


I love how Law was desperate to get back to Doffy and even wrote rescue on the boats sail claiming it was a kidnapping. Corazon had a clear goal… He was going to save Law despite him wanting to follow Doflamingo’s path.

Doesn’t this remind you of Law? They are very similar in their goals hence why Law is so hell-bent of following Doflamingo.

However, despite all his attempts, he was unable to find a hospital that didn’t cause a scene upon learning of Law’s illness. The raw emotion Corazon feels when they keep rejecting them is just awesome. The feels man… You can feel them. Even from just a drawing on a piece of paper, you can feel the pain they are both going through. Even after six months they had gotten nowhere. Corazon couldn’t help but sympathise with Law having to relive his past every day for the duration of their mission.

After bawling his eyes out over a drink, he talks out loud of his compassion for Law. He claims the stab wound didn’t even hurt him but what he felt was the pain of Law. Law overheard all of this and the next morning the craziest thing happened. Law called him Cora-San instead of Corazon. Finally he had come to accept Corazon.

This is a breakthrough moment for their relationship. I can’t wait to see where it leads to next. I wish this carried on for a good few chapters because this chemistry between the two is amazing. Corazon is already one of my favourite characters in One Piece.

Point to note, Law didn’t even use the -San for even Doflamingo and Vergo clearly hated this fact but he used it for Corazon.






This is hard to believe but this was foreshadowed a very long time ago, back when the One Piece Z film was being promoted. This coloured art piece was very popular as it showed all marines in the past back when Zephyr was an admiral. Here we get to witness the unthinkable.

Right there at the bottom was a picture of Rocinante. Who would have thought…? Oda is just a genius. What foreshadowing. This was spotted by Sleeping Geek “Unlimited Resolve” on his travels across Reddit.