Kiseijū Sei no Kakuritsu


After a good start with the first episode, I wanted to know if they could keep it up with the following episode. I can honestly say, they did not disappoint. In fact, they went above and beyond.





This was quite strange for me. We have a few guys harassing a pretty girl in the middle of the night. A knight in shining armour arrives to rescue her, giving them all a quick beating. These goons come back for revenge. Next thing you know, this guy who seemed really cool turns out to be an alien and kills them all, including the girl.

Mind you, I did get that slight feeling this guy was one of the alien creatures. Not sure what gave it away… Perhaps it was his rigid personality.

Did it actually rescue the girl because it’s a good guy or was it just imitating something it had seen? Because I know these parasites imitate behaviour to learn and blend in with society. Maybe he saw it on television. That would be quite funny when I think about it; aliens learning about society from television shows and movies… even anime if you think about. That would seriously fuck them up if they watch the wrong kind of stuff.




I love how it named itself Migi. It literally translates to right hand the logic behind it was because it consumed its right hand. However, it can also mean that it is Shinichi’s “Right-Hand” as in his most powerful ally type of thing.

This creature reminds me a bit of Castiel from Supernatural, simply because it knows very little about human interaction however this one can cause quite the embarrassing situations. Turning his hand into boner… Trying to jack him off? Wow, that was just class. I couldn’t stop laughing; after he had just managed to apologize as well. Murano and Shinichi will make such a cute couple. I can already tell.




So he has a stereotypical high-school rival in the form of a brutish, jock-type douche-bag who wants to win the affection of a girl by beating this helpless guy up. That’s not how it works mate. Go talk the girl and win her affection. Well despite trying to hold him back, Migi struck gold with a Luffy like Gomu-Gomu Pistol.



The Cannibals Anonymous joke was just perfectly timed. It is strange how Shinichi suddenly became so confident of facing this monster because of the fact he has Migi as a right hand. It was kind of stupid like Migi mentioned but he puts trust in it. I wasn’t quite sure he should but Migi pulled through. Could this Parasyte have become attached to Shinichi? That would be interesting right?

I loved how Migi disposed of that other alien in seconds. Awesome, awesome work; loved it.




Migi mentioned humans are the closest thing to demons in this world and I have to agree with it to some point. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now and there are humans out there who are the worst creatures to have ever lived. These aliens do what they do for survival. Cannibalism is their way of feeding and it a world where survival of the fittest is true nature, it is absolutely acceptable.

I loved how Shinichi took on those evil jerks bullying that cat. The way he intimidated them was class. I mean dude, this guy is totally developing into this badass. From your everyday kid into this confident intimidating bad-ass in two episodes; I can’t wait to see how far along he comes.

The dubstep music kicked in again and it’s seriously growing on me. This really gives it a whole another feel.




The whole date between Shinichi and Murano was adorable. I loved every moment of it. The hand touching and holding was cute but then she switched hands. That was strange. Did she sense the presence of the parasite?

Also, what was up with the whole, are you Izumi Shinichi-kun… as if she was making sure. I’m starting to get iffy about this Murano girl. Maybe I’m just looking too deep into it but I don’t trust her anymore. It’s always the pretty faces that you are the easiest to fool you.

Also, was that what I thought it was? Two parasites mating? What the fuck? What do they think they’re doing? Are they for real? I mean… yeah, it’s human nature but are they going produce a parasitic baby or lay more parasite eggs?




With a summary of the episode done, I would like to talk about the developing of the main character. Yes I have touched up upon it within the other subheading but here is where I want to solely focus on Shinichi.

I really like this anime because of how closely it follows Shinichi’s thought process and how he is constantly changing his mind after talking it through with Migi. It’s like his prospect on life itself keeps changing and his decision making is influenced by this new friend he has made who isn’t human at all.

Initially he wanted to go to the police, seek help… he was in a panic. Eventually he learnt to accept his fate that he was going to be stuck with this alien for a right-hand. However, upon learning of humans being killed, he wanted to help humanity by revealing this secret to the world so they could use it to stop these monsters.

But then he realised Migi wouldn’t let him do that after Migi literally told him I will cut your tongue and leave you blind and deaf. Yikes… That’s quite the threat. So with out of the question, he starts to ask Migi for help to save humanity. Yet he fails o realise Migi is not human and does not value human life.

Migi even points out that humans are the closest to demons and even Shinichi acknowledges that after witnessing the cat scene. Where is this leading to? Will Migi turn Shinichi into this human hater or will it help him preserve human life against these parasites? Clearly Migi holds no regard for his own kinds either. He is totally a survivalist and only thinks of itself.