Hey guys its Hauntinglime back again with another review. This time it’s for the new season of the Legend of Korra.




Episode 1 takes place 3 years after the tragic events of Zaheer. Team Avatar is non-existent without Korra. Asami is concentrating on Future Industries, whereas Mako and Bolin are finding their own paths in life. To see Mako and Bolin separated really brings a tear to my eyes. Them two were virtually inseparable. It will be interesting to see how the two brothers will collide when they next meet, as the events of their duties have led them to be on the opposing sides of each other. Politics can have a nasty affect on relationships but lets hope those two come out unscathed.

I really like the art direction of the 4th season. Everyone seems to have matured. Asami looks beautiful and this new looks fit her perfectly. Mako looks almost identical to his previous self, which isn’t a bad thing. He looks more relaxed and not frustrated from the awkward relationship drama from the previous seasons. Bolin however has taken a complete 180. His transformation comes from his personality, its like he has bottled it up and left it with Opal. I am a big Bolin fan and to see him be a lot more like Mako was awkward. Throughout the episode I saw glimpses of a mature Bolin almost being his comical self, but caved to the pressure of his new found duties. I’m glad Opal is there to bring back the Bolin we all know and love. I Just hope the line of duty doesn’t bring a divide between them.

It’s as plain as day that the gang isn’t the same without Korra. It seems they have locked away their emotions and have kept themselves busy until the return of Korra. But where is Korra?



The past the air nation had always remained neutral. They did not involve themselves with political issue and focused living peacefully. However the new air nation is badass, they seem to be like mini avatars doing what the avatar cant do while she’s on her road to recovery. Kai and Opal looked very awesome with their new wingsuits but its sad that they have dropped their glider completely. As much as I like the new wingsuits, I can’t see Tenzin wearing it. It wouldn’t suit Tenzin’s character, plus I can’t imagine it he would look so weird but Bumi however will rock the suit like no other.

Kai and Opal Demonstrated great control of their airbending skills against the bandits, showing their skill progression from the past 3 years. My only complaint is that Kai was easily defeated by a mere bandit, which I didn’t like one bit! I understand that he got the better of him but an experienced airbender shouldn’t be losing to non-bending bandit.

It’s interesting to see Opal’s behavior when she meets Kuvira. She feels strongly against Kuvira quest to unite the earth colonies. I understand her emotions against Kuvira aren’t personal but it sure feels like that. She even gives Bolin slack for following in her way. It is clear that air nation is against Kuvira’s method of peace therefore they are trying to do everything in their power to bring balance in the earth kingdom.



The big question we were all wondering from this first episode was what are Kuvira’s true intentions. If she is the main antagonist or is she just a decoy while the real antagonist is prince Wu. Kidding aside from her introduction she is a badass metalbender, she reminded me of a female Magneto. Therefore she already gets a massive thumb up from me, as I like Magneto. Her bending style seems to be very unique as she can actually magnetize her metalbending to make some impressive combination of attacks. This episode focused primarily on Kuvira so t is safe to assume she is the main antagonist. She gives off a villainous vibe throughout the episode, confirming again that she will be the one to clash with Korra at the end of the season.

For all the people still skeptical about Kuvira and her intentions, I have some proof why she is the main antagonist. If you recall in the episode where one of the bandits attacks Kai and Opal, he was previously captured and swore oath to follow Kuvira. As you can see they are clearly the same person and for anyone who doesn’t see it please tell me why I’m wrong as I strongly believe Kuvira sent one of her henchmen to stop the supplies of the village in order to gain control.


As much as I like the introduction of a badass female antagonist, I hate her use of manipulation in order to get what she wants. Don’t get me wrong,  it shows her evil cunning nature and her brilliance in intelligence but I for one hate manipulation as a form of extraction. Nonetheless Kuvira is an awesome character, she is smart, devious and a total badass metalbender. This arc does remind me of the story of Avatar Kyoshi vs. Chin the conqueror and we all know how this season will end. Kuvira you better watch out!


Overall this episode gets an 8/10.

As the episode introduced an amazing new antagonist, with a unique style of metalbending. My only complaint was we didn’t get to see a lot of Korra.