Hey guys it’s Hauntinglime, here with a new Review of the Legend of Korra. Episode 2 really got me excited to write my take on the episode so sit back and enjoy the review.


Episode 2 of The Legend of Korra pays massive respect to Avatar: The Last Airbender by having an episode named “Korra Alone” just like they did in the original show when they had “Zuko Alone”. This was perfectly time as it showed Korra’s journey over the last 3 years and the healing process she endured. Throughout the episode we saw a lot of references to Zuko’s journey as Korra was running away from her own identity. This episode gave me the feels as it used nostalgia really well.


Korra is still suffering from the tragic events of Zaheer and has isolated herself. She only finds comfort in writing to Asami as she is the only one who can fully understand her. Props to Bolin for trying to make her happy by drawing her some awesome pictures… But Mako, what the hell dude? Couldn’t even write a decent letter. Kidding aside Korra needs some serious help. Korra is isolating herself from her friends and even from herself by not trying to get in touch with the others.

We don’t normally see much of Korra’s mother so it was nice to see her give Korra some guidance. She told Korra to seek help from the best healer around, Katara. It’s such an amazing feeling seeing Katara again as she still is one of the worlds best healers. Katara being as wise as she is knows Korra’s problem. She tells her that the mind can be a powerful ally or a powerful foe. Katara can clearly see what’s bothering Korra but knows she can only help her recover physically as mental trauma can only be healed over time. Katara is an amazing healer as she helps Korra take her first steps to recovery. Lets not forget Katara’s patience because when Korra snapped at her, I was ready to punch a hole through my laptop as Korra made me so mad. Thinking back to it, even now, it still annoys me but thankfully Katara saves the day by healing my frustration with Korra, in her amazing words of wisdom. Katara was never my favorite character but its so nice to see how much importance she still has.

Once Korra was physically healed, she rushed back to Republic City but this is where the episode got really dark and I loved it. Korra’s inner struggle was so apparent as she was neglecting her true calling. She couldn’t face her Avatar projection and ran from it. This led her to go on a spiritual journey to find Raava but along the way her Avatar state followed and haunted her. This creates a nice parallel as Korra is running away from her Avatar self but is still searching for Raava. The mind can do convoluted things and even though Korra’s Avatar projection is trying to guide her, she see’s it as an enemy who’s haunting her.




So when this happened in the episode, I needed like a day to get over it. Toph is back and her personality remains untouched. Kudus to the writers for leaving top the way she was because I don’t think I could have seen her any other way. Toph was one of my favorite characters, so it’s no surprise I had a fanboy moment. But seriously who wouldn’t, it’s Toph! This episode was just amazing as it encapsulates nostalgia perfectly. Aang first met Toph in the swamp so its only fitting Korra would find her here also.

Before this episode I didn’t know the writers were big Star Wars fans as it was what they grew up with. So to see them include so much their childhood influences in an episode was great. I’m a big Star Wars fan so it was nice to see some awesome referencing where Toph will be the Yoda for Korra Skywalker. So from this I can take that Toph will help Korra connect with her Avatar state as Korra is still suffering from the Mercury poisoning. Toph was the first Metalbender so it’s only fitting for her to cure KorraaAs she doesn’t just bend metal, she feels it like no other. So I believe that Toph will extract the metal that not even her daughters could extract. I for one can’t wait for episode 3 as Toph is going to own.


This episode deserves a 10/10

As it pays amazing respect  original Team Avatar but also because it finally helped me connect with Korra.