Hey guys, its Bronze Panic here with a new guide on how to make you some coins.

Team of the week is a magical time.  Players who have been playing some awesome football are picked out and are given an In-Form card. An IF card is an upgrade to an existing card which is often acknowledged by the players in real life, almost like a reward. The only way to bag yourself one of these cards is to open packs!

TOTW or Team of the Week is usually announced on Wednesday at 6pm (UK)


Everyone pretty much drops what they’re doing and spends their hard earned currency opening packs, hoping to bag one of those fine players.

Everyone except a trader 😉

As mentioned on my previous post. There is a high volume of players online but this isn’t a time to sell! The sheer amount of packs being opened drives prices of all players down. This in fact, is the time to buy!

What should you buy?

Cheap BINS

The thing with pack openings is that people get a load of average value cards and more often than not list them up at ridiculously low prices for you to pick up. If you’re like me and don’t remember every single players BIN (Buy It Now). Make a small list of players you like and write down their BIN. If you don’t have a pen handy you can always use a dedicated website called FUTBIN.

Picking up one of those bargain feels so awesome and when they sell you can almost hear the Kerching!



As well cheap listed players, there is another method of making a quick buck from the TOTW. This method is sometimes rather risky but the returns are much greater if you get it right. The fact that once a player has been announced for TOTW their NIF (non-inform) card will no longer be available in packs. This means that less NIF card are available, they will be increasingly in demand because they have been playing awesome and a combination of other factors drive NIF prices higher allowing you to cash in.

Often players are confused when to buy players who are going to get inform and when to sell them. Well this is basic economics and a combination of gamers being online (which is discussed in my previous post). Usually all games related to deciding who will be getting an IF (inform) card are concluded by a Sunday and knowing that the amount of gamers online on a Sunday night is very low, This is the time to buy. The good thing about buying on a Sunday night is that even if you are wrong you won’t lose money because player values are lowest on a Sunday night. Take a punt and see what happens. This is where if you have more capital it really does allow you to invest in several players and get more returns.

If you really have missed out on the weeks action I usually post my Team of the Week on a Monday which can give you some indication who might be getting an IF and if you haven’t bought anyone by Sunday, Monday morning isn’t a bad time either.

The second question I get asked a lot is when do I sell?

Simple economics dictates that the longer a desired item is out of stock the people are willing to pay more for it. Put in FIFA term that would be the following Tuesday right, however the amount of people online on a Tuesday is pretty low compared to a Friday night or a Saturday, so this is when you would sell. However in the last few weeks I have noticed trends of people panic selling which saturates the market for everyone lowering the prices of the cards back to their original,

Kinda confusing right!

So I just tend to keep it simple if the price is 125% higher than when you bought it on a Sunday night just sell it. It is a decent return and you won’t be twiddling your thumbs on a Saturday thinking where have my coins gone.

Let me give you an example of some figures.

Price of Player Sunday Night Price 125% Margin Total Profit (After EA Tax)
850 800 1000 150
4500 4300 5400 830
13000 12000 15000 2250

This gives you a rough estimation of when to buy and sell also it proves that the higher value player tend to bring the most return. A word of warning if you punt wrong with an expensive player come Wednesday’s pack opening, depreciate higher valued players more than lower value players this is where it can get a bit risky


Consumable Trading

As well as picking up players on the cheap and investing, consumables are always abundant in packs. This means gamers will want to sell them quickly as possible before they open their next pack. A well-documented technique is picking up gold squad fitness cards but this will really work for anything consumable. Positioning cards, chemistry style and contracts will all be really common in packs and preferably look up prices for these card on a Tuesday night to give you a good indication what prices these card will go for.

A standout choice this year is healing cards as many gamers noticed how players pick up knocks every couple of games even with a fitness squad! That’s where I would recommend investing this year. Another noteworthy point about consumables is that they don’t really lose value like players do over the course of the year so it is a good starting point. They also don’t fill your target pile as you can just send them to your club.

Don’t forget to check out my Team of the Week post if your looking for any suggestions for TOTW investing and check my other guide on understanding the market.

Help paint a better picture!

Hope you enjoyed this post stay tuned for more next time. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.