One Piece: Chapter 765 Review


And Oda continues with yet another amazingly awesome chapter. This backstory is so good, it could have its own anime. I would love to watch it with more detail. I hope the prolong it in the anime so we get more Rocinante screen time.





The chapter opens up at where the cliff-hanger from previous chapter had ended. It is indeed Doflamingo at the other end of the line as many predicted and not Vergo. However, it is clear Doflamingo already has suspicion about Corazon’s activity.

The other executives are also aware of this and have decided to use the information on the Ope Ope no Mi’s as bait to lure Corazon and Law into their trap.

Their suspicions seem to have arisen from the fact that since Corazon has left them, the marines haven’t sniffed them out which could possibly mean he was leaving them tips. Doflamingo is suspicious but he would rather not suspect his brother.

It was quite cool how Rocinante used some kind of tapping code to communicate; three taps for a yes and two for a no.


This really touched me. The joy on Corazon’s face at learning there may be hope is just so amazing, I could cry. He cares about Law so much and finally has a chance of curing his illness.

Being a smart one, he already suspects Doflamingo doubts his loyalties and may have associated him with the marines so therefore he has decided not to go back to the family but get the Ope-Ope no Mi by themselves. This is a bold move considering that taking it will make them enemies of both Doflamingo and the marines but all Corazon cares about his curing Law. He is actually that awesome of a guy.

It was also interesting that Doflamingo mentioned he plans to give the Ope Ope no Mi to Corazon. Corazon mentions that Doflamingo knows he can’t disobey him and if they were to go back, he would have to give up his life to make Doflamingo immortal. Now I wonder what the reason is behind this thought. Why must Rocinante obey Doflamingo? Is there something else to this story?



It was quite hilarious when Rocinante called the marines to find out more about this deal. Sengoku’s reaction to Rocinante knowing about the Ope-Ope no Mi was priceless. The presence of Garp and Akainu in the background was seriously good.

With Rocinante letting the marines know where Doflamingo plans to be, they’re planning to finally finish off the Donquixote Family. Both parties want the fruit. The marines are planning to pay the pirates for it whilst Doflamingo plans to steal it. This is also what Rocinante plans to do. So this whole race for the Ope Ope no Mi should be interesting.

Rocinante also promised a list of high-profile names who’ve been dealing with Doffy. I wonder who these people are?



The man in possession of the fruit is known to be an ex-marine much like X Drake. Is that a coincidence? I think not. You see, we get a foreshadowing; a glimpse of the man who might be Drake in this flashback. He goes by the name Dorry which sounds like a shortened version of Drake in Japanese (Doreeku).

This is taking place in North Blue which just so happens to be the home of X Drake. Also, if you notice this pirate; Captain of Diez Barrels, his appearance is very similar to X Drake with the hair-line, cleft chin and light coloured hair. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were related. Although it begs to question, why was this boy in such poor condition like he was bruised and bloody?

As we can see from this image here, he was quite happy as a kid wearing a marine hat so perhaps this man, who could possibly be his father, left the marines and Drake wasn’t too happy about it hence why he was no longer favored. Although what made him then leave the marines is another story I would like to know.

Besides, this guy knows how valuable this fruit is, but he would rather have the money. What an idiot…


Also to note, the fruit is actually in the shape of a heart. How cute!



It was quite disheartening to see Law’s condition deteriorate just as the news for the Ope-Ope no Mi was received. However Corazon trying to cheer him up was just awesome. His mime-skills were great whilst he showed off with his devil fruit abilities. Especially the silent but deadly… that was just class. This guy is a total Dork! But I love him!

Obviously Law wasn’t impressed and claiming even Baby-5’s fruit was cooler was just beyond cruel. I mean the way the words pierced his heart; that was creative genius by Oda.


Now the silent powers of Rocinante’s fruit allow him to become the world’s greatest thief/assassin; you’ll never hear him coming. So he goes into the base of the pirates and steals the fruit right under their noses. The whole scene was quite comical. However, as irony would have it, the man with the possibility to be the world’s greatest thief is clumsy and trips up just as he is making his escape and lands right into trouble. It’s just so ironic right?



Another solid chapter that follows this backstory. I cannot wait to see the clash between Doflamingo and the navy. This one is bound to be significant. Also, this possible appearance of Drake leaves open so many possibilities. Could this have the first time Drake and Law met?

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