FIFA 15 Trading Guide : Bronze Pack Method

Hey guys, its Bronze Panic here with a new guide on how to make you some coins.

 This is by far the most laziest way to make coins. Plus this method also satisfies that pack opening urge some players cant live without it.

This method has a relatively slow turnover and small profits. It is something to use if you can’t be bothered doing much else.

Opening a bronze pack worth 400 coins usually yields a few players some consumable and a few club items.

Usually listing the items and players for the minimum BIN of 200. Selling 2-3 items will usually yield some profit.

Similarly opening premium packs will mean that selling 4-6 things to yield a profit.

But fingers crossed for this guy!


You will bag yourself 40K+ with that cheesy smile.

What usually happens to the consumables? Ever wondered how you could make some coins with them?

We have all come across players with no contracts on the market. Nobody wants them, nobody bids on them. Injured players, NOPE! Red cards, definitely a no no!

Even if people do bid on them its usually well under  the amount they are worth.

Here’s where you cash in!

Red carded and injured players are hardly seen on the market but if you do try hustle him for less than the others. Stick the chap on your bench while you play a game. Boom no red card or injury and now you can sell him on.

That extra 50-100 coins all add up.

Players with no contracts tend to be more common. Pick them up cheaper than normal. Usually 50 to 100 coins lighter than normal.


Slap a bronze contract card on them

List them up for a neat 50-100 + your original margin.

I know what your thinking.

100 coins that’s it?

Do it a 100 times out of habit and that’s 10K

Can’t argue with the maths 😉

That wraps up my slightly shorter guide this week but don’t forget to check back next time on my guide on how to online cups method.

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