Hey guys, this is Bronze Panic bringing you Fifa 15 BPL Team of the Week 5.

This week I will be doing something slightly different. As well as simply writing a short description of how well the player has played and the feats they have managed. I am going to be writing about how their prices have been fluctuating and how we can cash in.

We had the Manchester derby this week and here are my picks:


Joe Hart was fantastic in the Manchester derby keeping his clean sheet intact as Man UTD attacked with unrelenting force.

Nathaniel Clyne showed us what he is capable of. Showing us great strength and speed very good performance from the young lad.

Fabricio Coloccini has put in some great performances for Newcastle over the years and this week was no different. Put in the hard yards to beat a woeful Liverpool.

Vincent Kompany was the difference between the two sides defensively. He managed to keep tabs on all the attacking powers than Man UTD possess and came out on top.

Gael Clichy provided the assist in the only goal of the match. Other than that he managed to keep a lid on Di Maria as did Ivanovic did last week.

Victor Wanyama goal against Hull was spectacular. With keeper off his line and power, accuracy and skill he slotted it home like it was as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.

Stewart Downing had a great game against Stoke. Falling behind 2-0, downing assisted the first goal before netting his own to steal a point.

Alexis Sanchez again this week netted two more goals. He could have easily have had 5 in the entire game. Unfortunately EA don’t allow players to get IF in consecutive weeks.

Oscar’s beautiful outside of the foot finish against QPR was a show of he technical ability. Pure class

Sergio Aguero was a live wire as always. Making runs creating passes and in the end scored the vital goal which bagged the much needed three points.

Harry Kane is on this list because I just love free kick goals. Perhaps there was an element of luck when the deflection sent the keeper the wrong way but make no mistake he has a bright future!



This week I will be showing you some price fluctuation to watch out for. So far I’ve been checking some players in my top 11 and this is where I see potential to make some coins this week.


Harry Kane. There is a wealth of information to extract from graphs and I’m going to explain how we can make some coins from it.

We can see that Kane’s card has previous history of fluctuations this is good. It means that his demand goes up and down. Another thing we can see is that his price has increased from almost 800 to 2.5K so there potential to make some coins.

From Nov 1 we can see that the angle of the curve is arching upwards and that the current BIN is 3500.

The question is will you invest? If yes when should you invest?

kane 2

As written in my previous post the timing is very important. Prices fluctuated yesterday too. Crucially prices dropped at 10pm and this when you should buy and if someone did then this is what they could have made by today.

kane 3

At 10pm yesterday Kane’s card was 1500 coins. Today average prices of Kane’s card are 3500 coins. An easy 2000 coins before tax. (Prices are Xbox related but similar to PS4)

Hope you enjoyed this post. Stay tuned for more trading guide  posts and TOTW.