Kiseijū Sei no Kakuritsu


Episode two was amazingly put together and a true joy to watch. As of now, Parasyte is my favourite show to watch. I just hope they can keep this up with this following episode I am about to review. These reviews are more of my reaction and thought process than anything else as I write my review whilst watching the episode. Hope you enjoy my thoughts as much as the show; if that’s even possible.




The opening scene was great as always. There’s a bitchy faced woman who accuses a man on a train of molesting her. Everybody grows cautious of him despite his protests. Next thing you know, he’s flying off the train holding a bruise on his face. The bitch kicked his ass.

I wonder if the guy was innocent. I mean, it makes you think. A woman can make such claims and society will fall to believe her because men are often seen as perverts. I just hope I never get put in such a situation.

I think I’ll stop here before I have a crew of feminists on my ass.



So our protagonist is having guilty thoughts as he is the only one that knows about these monsters but he’s not telling anyone out of fear that Migi will hurt him.

Migi doesn’t stop short in letting him know that should Shinichi try to do anything that would put Migi at risk, he will do what it takes to stop him. This includes turning him blind, deaf and mute.

This was quite smart from Migi’s part because it would allow Migi to continue to live off of Shinichi although his quality of life would not be as great.

Despite this, I love how Shinichi uses cold water as a punishment to Migi.



It was quite interesting how his Satomi Murano notices how he’s changed. Despite him still being Shinichi, the fact that he has a parasite that lives within his hand has changed quite a lot about him.

Perhaps it’s just the fact that he is in so much shit and knows there is nothing he can do to get out of it. Then again, it could actually be that Migi is having quite the influence on him.



Shinichi’s reaction to learning that another parasite was close by as he approached his school was great. I could actually feel his thoughts and emotions running through me.

Since Shinichi cares about life so much and Migi is his counter-part, the whole scene becomes interesting. Whereas Shinichi cares about everybody around him, Migi is only concerned about Shinichi’s body which is his host.

The tension is built up well as he tries to find the parasite as Migi calculates it growing nearer. It’s so tense that I didn’t even realise that a new teacher in the school was being announced. It should have been obvious.

OMG! It’s the Smug-Faced Bitch! I guess I have to stop calling her that. She’s been given a name… Tamiya Ryoko. Despite Migi trying to warn him not to make eye contact, she spots him. That moment was frickin’ awesome. They connected. Nobody else could notice but it sent shivers down my spine. Damn, that was really well done.



Considering she actually has to teach him, she decides to play it cool but at the same time she invites him to her office. I think Shinichi was brave to go along with it but I think he was influenced by Migi. If Migi says it safe, Shinichi listens which shows he relies on his hand.

The meeting from the office leads to another meeting in a public area. Not like it would matter if she wanted to kill him but we get introduced to her crazy friend who doesn’t give himself a name but we get introduced to his as ‘A’. This guy is weird as fuck and acts more like an alien than a human unlike Miss Ryoko.

Despite Shinichi’s attempts at asking them not to kill humans ‘A’ refuses to cooperate and just walks away from the conversation awkwardly. This was a dangerous sign to me. He clearly doesn’t want to associate with humans.



Next thing you know, ‘A’ has infiltrated the school looking to kill Shinichi leaving the two no choice but to face him. If not for themselves then at least for the sake of the students that may be killed by him considering he’s on a reckless spree. I like Ryoko in that way. At least she’s sensible.


I loved how Migi and Shinichi started thinking about how they’re going to overcome this problem. Migi decided it would be easier to just use the humans around them as shields to give them the advantage at defeating him. Shinichi still caring for human life unlike his counter-part decided to dash away from humanity as quick as possible and take on the Parasyte hunting him down.

He even has to shoo his girlfriend away in a mean manner which I’m sure she disapproved of but what can a guy in his situation do. He was in a panic. I’m sure he’ll make it up to her later but as of now, he had to make sure she remains safe and well.



Obviously Shinichi didn’t agree with Migi’s first plan but they still had to survive somehow so Migi says the two must work together to defeat him. The advantage they have is the fact ‘A’ doesn’t think much of humans so Shinichi can get a surprise attack on him whilst Migi keeps him busy.

This shows Migi actually trusts Shinichi and gives humans more credit than ‘A’ does. A clear difference between the two Parasyte’s is shown.