Hello fellow guardians of the galaxy welcome to my weekly Destiny post. This will be a weekly post talking about everybody’s favourite alien, Xur.

Today is a special day for the Destiny community as it gives us something to look forward to, where we can finally get rewarded for our hard efforts. Today is Xur day. Xur is located to the right of the Tower hanger. He’s normally very easy to spot. Guardians just can’t seem to stay away from him. Now lets see what special treats await us on this fine day.




The Crest of Alpha Lupi is just gorgeous. Everything about it screams, “look at me, don’t you think I look fabulous”. This chest piece gives you a whopping 108 Intellect. Which is pretty decent but Xur in the past has sold better.

The main reason why I would recommend this chest piece is for its unique perk called “Keeper of the pack”. This ability is excellent for the raid as it allows you to revive fallen teammates faster. This is by far the best PvE chest piece to equip to your guardian. It is also very good in Skirmish but I wouldn’t advice on it, as they’re other better alternatives.

All in all this is a very good chest piece for the Titan class but only get this if you really need it, as its perks heavily out way its uses in the Crucible. Only get this if you don’t already own any exotic gear for your Titan otherwise I would suggest to save your 13 strange coins for another day.




The Mask of the Third man is a creepy yet deadly Hunter class helmet. Blessed by the Traveler to those who favour the art of the blade. I have a love, hate relationship for this unique exotic piece of gear. I hate it with a passion. This to me is the most downright useless piece of shit to exist in Destiny.

I’m a Warlock, I belong in the master race so I have a genuine reason to hate it. Kidding aside this is a good Hunter helmet. Good? Why you ask. Well it only caters to the Bladedancer subclass, which is primarily useless outside of the crucible. The unique ability this helmet offers is called “Unstable Current”, this makes it that the user uses less super energy for its Arc Blade attacks. A very small buff if you ask me as Arc Blade already has a ridiculously long duration.

My recommendation for this helmet is, Only get it if you want to wreck more havoc in the crucible, as Hunters already rule the crucible. This just gives a small, added bonus to an already devastating ability. I would suggest that you save your 13 strange coins for a better helmet, as this is one of the weakest exotic Hunter helmet in the game.




Oh Sunbreakers we meet again for the 5th time. Why Xur, why! As a full time Warlock, I feel as though Bungie Hates us. I know Warlocks are the master race in Destiny but to continuously gives us the worst exotic item in the game is a just downright degrading. I understand people who haven’t already gotten them but seriously 5 weeks! Raging aside these gauntlets are trash. I repeat, TRASH. They offer no bonus except for the unique perk called “Helium Cycle”. This allows the user to have an increased duration on their solar grenades and thats it.

Ok truth be told it isn’t terrible but it’s not that great either, as solar grenades are almost exclusively used in PvE and that alone to melt the cheese on Atheon. If this specific set offered more Intellect it would be decent but the one Xur has brought with him only offer 76 Intellect. I would highly suggest you save your 13 strange coins for a far better exotic for the Warlock class. However knowing Xur’s track record he will surly make it his sole purpose to sell as many Sunbreakers as he can.




The Truth. This is the question most people keep asking. The Truth or the Gjallarhorn? The simple answer is Gjallarhorn, but if you don’t have one then, the Truth. It’s just that simple. I’m not here to praise the Gjallarhorn, I myself was waiting for it just like everyone else this week but the Truth will do just fine. I am a proud owner of one and I love it. I do have some complaints but it’s the best Rocket Launcher I have.

This Rocket Launcher has two unique perks. One blows up in proximity to the enemy. Its called “Grenades and Horseshoes”, this perk is phenomenal in PvP as if you miss your target, there is a good chance the blast radius will eliminate them. The second unique perk is called “Prototype Trueseeker”, just like the name suggests this rocket launcher aggressively tracks its targets. It’s so comical watching guardians run away from the rocket only to die seconds later.

The only part I hate about this rocket launcher is it’s first perk. I’ve died countless times during the nightfall strike as an enemy leaped right in front of me and killing me in the process. It’s a double-edged perk so you have to be very careful. My recommendation is that this exotic rocket launcher is a must buy as it’s one of the 3 best in game. Some people will ridicule it but it is in fact the most rounded rocket launcher for both PvE and PvP. All that greatness for just 17 strange coins.


That wraps up my thoughts on Xur’s exotic merchandise this week. There have been more eventful weeks where the agent of the nine has sold incredible gear but today was not one of those. So instead of complaining about it, lets all rejoice on the few good things destiny has to offer.