One Piece 766 Review

The last chapter had left us at a cliffhanger, not knowing whether Rocinante would get back in time with the Ope Ope no Mi to cure his beloved Trafalgar Law.

 One Piece Naruto tribute





This was very touching. With Naruto ending this week we had Oda Sensei line up the front cover in dedication to Naruto. There were several tributes in the cover page. Firstly, the Leaf Village symbol had replaced the ‘O’ in One Piece as well as Naruto’s figure replacing Luffy’s.

A small fox is shown in the artwork sitting at a table with Nami, Luffy and Chopper. The characters chosen were also another hidden tribute. As (Na)mi, (Ru)ffy and (To)ny make out Naruto if you go by the Japanese pronunciation of Luffy.
I think the biggest tribute has to be the fact Naruto and Luffy are sat eating lunch together. Luffy has a bowl of Ramen whilst Naruto is tucking into some meat on the bone; one another’s respective favourite meals. This tribute is just amazing. They’ve been competing against one another yet they have so much respect. It’s just so beautiful to see.



Vice Admiral Tsuru and her equivalent of the Kuja Pirates, an all-female marine unit have arrived at Swallow where they hope to encounter the Donquixote Pirates but for some reason they’re not here and they’ve got strict orders to wait in case Barrels catches wind and cancels the deal.

Little do they know Diez Barrels is a bloody mess along with his crew but all he’s concerned with is the Ope Ope no Mi and its worth… 5,000,000,000 Beri! That shit cray! No wonder he’s willing to sell it. You could probably by your own island with that much money.

From this image there are a few things that were noted. The red-head looks like the seatrain-lady from Water-7, the blonde one has a katana that resembles the one carried by Tashigi and the brunette may possibly be Shakuyaku.



Much to our surprise, the chapter followed with a smiling Rocinante holding the Ope Ope no Mi in his hand and handing it over to Law. I say handing but it was more of a shoving it down the poor, dying kids throat. Rocinante was adamant on saving Law’s life and he was willing to do whatever it took.

It was quite funny because Law had a thousand questions about the fire and gun-shots. He’s unsure if the fruit will heal him but the smiling Rocinante makes it seem all will be well. I wish I had a friend like that who could make me feel hopeful even in such a dire situation.

And that’s when he collapsed. That’s when we realise, everything isn’t okay.




What Law hadn’t realised was the several bullet holes that had stained the front of Corazon’s body. However, our hero wasn’t even concerned about his health. Law tried to use his powers to save the guy but he doesn’t know how. He’s going to have to learn to be able to carry out the procedures.

All he cared about was a note… a note that he needed Law to pass onto the marines. A note that was key in saving the Kingdom of Dressrosa. Had he been successful in this final piece of courage, the Kingdom of Dressrosa may have remained in bliss.

Despite Law’s hatred for the marines, Law didn’t even argue or question it. All he cared about was following Corazon’s orders to him. That’s how much respect and trust he has in the guy now. Dude got a fruit worth 5 billion to save his life at the risk of his own life.



Call it fate, bad luck or misfortune. The note Law was given to pass on fell into the hands of the one person it wasn’t supposed to reach. The first Corazon, Vergo! Law’s there begging this marine to help his saviour but then having this saviour be the one person he wasn’t supposed to go to.

I can’t even explain how fucked up this situation is. Why Vergo? Out of everybody we could have had, why Vergo? Even Rocinante couldn’t help but speak out.

This mistake cost Law and Rocinante a beating at the hands of the undercover. His hairstyle was ridiculous. I think he may have donned it trying to impress Sengoku but it clearly doesn’t work out for him. From this it is clear to him Rocinante had betrayed the family and this information gets relayed to Doflamingo.

It is interesting to see Vergo take offence to Law not calling him by “Vergo–San“ and also the fact that Rocinante had gone missing at age 8 and returned 14 years later to Doflamingo. That was plenty of time to get enlisted within the marines. So now it makes sense how he had managed to get by Doflamingo’s watchful eye.




Now you have got to understand Doflamingo’s rage here. He might be showing it because he does have some kind of control over himself and doesn’t want to let himself completely go in front of his subordinates but I can tell this guy is fuming.

Baby-5 is just so cute in every scene as a child. I’m liking her character more and more each time. Buffalo has grown huge in 6 months. What they been feeding him? The candy from Punk Hazard?


His only true blood family that he has… The guy he trusts and cares for in the name of brotherhood and family has gone and betrayed him. He knows now, there’s nobody in the world he can truly trust. He has his family of followers he has gathered but it’s not the same as your own flesh and blood.

I had predicted this in a previous post that the bird-cage had initially been used to kill Rocinante and it looks like we’re about to see it happen now. There is no escaping now. I’m just worried how Law is going to make it out of this. Will he learn to ‘Shamble’ his way out or use one of his ‘rooms’?




Now this ending to the chapter… It’s just… Hard to accept.

It’s hard to accept the fact Rocinante is going to die. I mean we know its going to happen. It was said from the start. Doflamingo killed his brother. Doflamingo killed Corazon… Yet why is it so hard to accept. We knew! WE KNEW THIS SHIT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!

Fuck! My heart can’t take this. This guy was Corazon true and true. He has a heart like no other. What he did for Law… That selfelessness… there is no way not to fall in love with this guy. In only a few chapters, this funny, goofy, weird guy has won the fans of all One Piece fans.

Whilst I’m always eagerly waiting the next chapter of One Piece, I am actually dreading this next one. I’m somehow hoping it doesn’t happen. That somehow Law is made to believe he is dead but Sengoku and Garp rescue Corazon and place him in their security. I know it won’t happen but it’s just … It’s just that I don’t want to accept he’s going to die.

But that smile at the end. That smile makes it seem everything will be alright. He’s accepted his fate and he’s ready to go. It completely resembles the Jolly Roger of Law. He’s leaving Law with something to carry for the rest of his life; the memory of a loving smile.