Hey guys, this is Bronze Panic bringing you FIFA 15 BPL Team of the Week 6.

 Just as we did last week be ready for a mini guide 😀

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So this week we had lowly Liverpool take on 1st place Chelsea here are my picks:


Brad Guzan had an excellent game against West Ham as he saved multiple shots from an potent West Ham attack.

Luke Shaw’s driving run through the centre of the pitch was almost FIFA-ish dribbling through everyone like no one is there. Everything was great about this drive through and took a great stop by Speroni.

Gary Cahill’s several controversial handballs against Liverpool didn’t stop him from scoring on the other end of the pitch. At the right place at the right time.

Fabricio Coloccini overall solid performances continue. This time he adds a collectors item.

Sebastian Larsson makes it into my 11 because of my love for free kick goals. This one just curled into the net.

Emre Can was a lively starter for Liverpool. Not shying away from taking a few shots and in the end netted a much needed goal for the team

Jefferson Montero terrorised Chambers throughout that game. He was faster more skillful and provided a fantastic cross to seal a 2-1 victory against Arsenal.

Bojan run from the halfway line, dribbling through spurs midfield had the end product, as it beat sprawling Lloris. Overall very satisfying performance.

Gylfi Sigurdsson with another free kick goal started the turn around against Arsenal. The ball went up over the wall and back down to nestle into the top corner of the net. Just unstoppable!

Shane Long’s double against Leicester was just too hot to handle. Hull might be wondering why they sold this guy after losing to Burnley.

Charlie Austin’s week just gets better and better. Beating Hart at least three times in the game, also managing an assist to top a great performance.

You might want to check Harry Kane’s prices compared to last week. Here is the link to last weeks post.

kane 4

Just look at that rise. Sorry if you’re a PS4 user but as an Xbox user some serious cash to be made there.

With a fluctuating market there are usually three steps to observe which can be clearly seen on Kane’s prices. A rise, in this case an increase in price. A plateau where prices reach the top but don’t rise and don’t fall. Finally the fall. Keep an eye out for these trends.

Catch it early and your onto a winner.

Moving on.

This weeks small guide will be on Charlie Austin


This is similar to what Kane did last week and so this is all about prediction.

austin 1

As you can see before the game he is going at a standard 1000 coins. During and after the game his prices begin to rise.

austin 2

Prices are now averaging about 3800 during the whole day. almost hitting the plateau but not quite as prices change hour by hour.

austin 3

This is a typical plateau price from here on will only fall. Any chances of profit have gone.

Sorry to say you missed out on this money train.

My advice would be have a guess earlier in the week but at 1000 like above and sell at market peak 3800+

Good luck and may the force be with you

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