Hey guys its HauntingLime doing my last review for Naruto, it is a sad day indeed. I have spent the last few days procrastinating and putting off this review because in all honesty I don’t know what to make of it. Deep down a part of me didn’t want to do this review because it meant closing a big chapter in my life. Naruto was my first manga, so I hold an overwhelming connection with it.

I just couldn’t believe it was the end. when I read the last two chapters, I felt like piece of me had just vanished into thin air. I would occasionally snap at my friends over trivial matters and I just couldn’t understand why.

Now I finally understand, so it is time I put an end to my rebellious retaliation by writing out my final thoughts on Naruto.

This review is dedicated to my friend RoseRed as she constantly nagged me to review it as soon as possible, so here it is.



Chapter 699 was heavily influenced by symbolism. To a point where I felt like Kishimoto went a little overboard. It was good symbolism but a lot of it was just shoved down our throats. As much as I don’t like the idea of Naruto and Sasuke holding hands, it was done significantly better in the last chapter as the blood made it more impactful. I feel that Kishimoto just wanted to show us that the eternal rivalry between the two brothers had finally been appeased with their seal of reconciliation. Gay! But whatever… I did however like that Naruto and Sasuke both dispelled the infinite tsukuyomi.

In all honesty this chapter was sugarcoated beyond belief. Kishimoto played it well safe, he wasn’t daring enough to end it in a different way. I would much rather Sasuke had died at the end of this. He made no sacrifices along the way… and his arm just doesn’t count! What I am trying to say is after the last chapter when Sasuke opened up to Naruto, Naruto should have died with a smile on his face, knowing he had saved his friend from the darkness. It would have made for a more climactic ending, where Sasuke would call out to Naruto but he wouldn’t get a response.


This would allow Sasuke to redeem himself for all his sins by using the Gedō Rinne Tensei no Jutsu. Bringing Naruto back from the dead by sacrificing himself for his one and only friend. That right there is true redemption. But that didn’t happen and we got this instead.

RoseRed had a very preposterous theory, Sasuke is dead to her. His soul is with his brother and his empty shell of a body is inhabited by someone else. The Sasuke she knew and liked was not the same anymore. Nothing reminded her of the cool and crazy Sasuke she knew. This new Sasuke was just spouting out nonsensical garbage. Something that the old Sasuke would never do.




Why did this even happen. I still don’t understand the reasoning behind this and I never will. I know love is stupid thing because I have fallen in love myself but it doesn’t mean you get what you want in the end. Sakura’s love for Sasuke never felt real, it was always a selfish act of her to keep Sasuke in the village. I never saw Sakura do remotely anything to show how much she cared for Sasuke, I mean she was willing to turn her back on the village for him.

She even made Naruto feel guilty because of her own uselessness. I don’t hate Sakura but Kishimoto could have added in better character development for her then it wouldn’t  seem so plausible. To this day I think that Lee loved Sakura more than she loved Sasuke. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Why Kishimoto…why? Sasuke has already suffered enough and now you give him another burden to carry. I get it Sasuke is thankful to Sakura for trying to stop him but I’d would rather he stayed single. I am not hate on Sakura but I just don’t see her and Sasuke getting together. It was just a stupid plow to please the fandom and earn loads of cash doing so. Also don’t get me started on the flirting.

I can’t believe Sasuke tapped Sakura’s head. That gesture was sacred, it was a memento left by Itachi and Kishimoto just used it so effortlessly. It really pissed me and RoseRed off. For me Sasu-Saku will never be a thing, even if it was in the final chapter. I refuse to accept it.

Before anyone makes a witty remark, I don’t want Naruto and Sakura together either. It just doesn’t make sense to put them together. So I am glad Kishimoto did that right.




This was somewhat unnecessary, again to please the fandom but I do see why it was done. Tsunade could have carried on as the hokage but I guess she deserved an early retirement. Naruto is still far too young and naive to be the Hokage. He needs time to mature and understand the complexities of an hokage. I guess this is where Tsunade can help him. I did find it cool nonetheless.

Kakashi has already done some remarkable things like performing the perfect Susanoo and that was a bitter pill to swallow. Compared to that, him being the hokage just doesn’t faze me at all. One thing I’ve learnt recently is that Kishimoto really likes to force his ideology. So we believe what he believes without question. Therefore I see no point in overthinking it anymore.  I will still question the plausible but this I’ll let it let it slide like the second half of the war.


Chapter 700

This was a cool chapter, it really helped me overlook the last one. I mean it was nice to see how far the village had moved on from the times of war. Seeing everyone grown up was nice but I did feel somewhat detached from the character I’d grown up with. The last chapter felt more like the beginning of something new rather than the end of what we knew.

Chapter 700 was the cherry on the cake we never asked for. It was great to see all the pairing but i feel as though Kishimoto should have just left them at that. He should have just wrapped up the series in the Last Naruto movie and that would have been a more fitting end to what we got. All this chapter did to me was question wether Naruto a good father? and if Salad was really Sasuke’s and Sakura’s daughter and not Sasuke and Karin’s. I know a lot of fans will be looking forward to Bolt’s story but he didn’t have to be such a big focus in last chapter of Naruto and because of this the chapter failed to give a coherent ending.

I was glad they paid homage to Asuma, Neji and Shikaku in chapter 700 but It was clear that Kishimoto just rushed the finale. It felt as though he didn’t pay proper respect to Neji and all the ninja’s who died during the war. So in all honesty their death’s became meaningless. As a result they were easily forgotten. I asked RoseRed how she felt about Neji in the last 2 chapters and this is her unadulterated response

I’m so over his death…

A part of me was disgusted to hear that but can I honestly question why she felt that why…No! This is all due to Kishimoto, he had no vision for the end so just went along with it and his readers paid the price. We had great character like Kakashi, Madara and Obito but they were at the mercy of Kishimoto’s plagued vision and became the laughing stock of the series.


For me the manga ended on a very poorly written finale. Therefore I am not sad that Naruto has ended, in fact I am very happy. Kishimoto can finally put his pen to rest and leave Naruto alone. Naruto was my first manga and for someone who has profound love for the characters, it’s sad to see how it all turned out in the end.

“It’s like an old uncle for you who you really looked up to when you were younger. As you got older you realised he’s losing the plot and half of what he says makes no sense no more. He went off the rails a bit to your disliking but you still love him and want to give him a just farewell. At least for the old days”.


I am terrible at explaining how I felt but I think Desperado nailed it so with that said… All I have left to say is farewell Naruto.