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This is the first ever issue of the SG Chronicle. It is a weekly listing of news stories from around the geek web. We shall focus on bringing you the latest geek news from the past week to ensure you don’t miss anything at all.

The last thing a trendy geek wants is to receive news from his friend that the cast for the latest marvel movie has been announced. So without further ado, let’s present you with this week’s news.



For all the Harley Quinn and The Joker fans out there, this is the news you’ve all been waiting for. DC Comics is getting a new Hollywood blockbuster movie produced by Warner Bros. The difference with this one is, for once it’s focused on the bad guys. It’s not a superhero movie at all; in fact you can actually call it a supervillain movie.

Harley Quinn Deathstroke

The Suicide Squad is an anti-hero team that will most likely, at some point, go against the Justice League from the looks of things. The team consisted of many villains throughout DC history. Some of these include: Harley Quin, The Joker, Deathstroke, Poison Ivy and Black Adam.

So far we have a solid report that Margot Robbie from ‘The Wolf of Wall St.’ shall be taking the role of Harley Quinn.

Meanwhile rumours suggest she will be partnered by Academy Award Winner, Jared Leto who shall take on the legendary role of playing The Joker.

Rumour also has it that the following hunks; Tom Hardy, Ryan Gosling and Will Smith may also have roles to play in the movie. At the moment this seems too good to be true but if it turns out to be true, I know a lot of us will be gassing over this. I reckon they should take the roles of Deathstroke, Captain Boomerang and Black Mamba.

Now I think this will make a great pairing and both should be able to do justice to their respective characters and hopefully put on the chemistry on stage that all DC fans can be proud of. This shall bring the Snyderverse in a whole another light. I finally believe they may be able to compete with the ever so successful Marvel Universe.




Matt Damon has announced he plans to return to the Bourne Series. This is a huge relief after the fourth instalment had people disappointed. Nothing against Jeremy Renner who I think is a great actor, I just feel Bourne has to be present in the Bourne Series for it to keep the impact it had with the initial trilogy.



For all the quality video lovers out there, YouTube has announced they shall be upgrading to 60FPS if there was ever the need. The great quality of video’s shall be made ever greater in the world of advancing technology that we live in. YAY for YouTube! *Yawn*




After much waiting in anticipation, Halo The Master Chief Collection is finally here and I’m sure many girls will be disappointed to have their boyfriends disappear for the next year or so thanks to this news. Not saying girls can’t play the game. Not saying that at all. Please don’t gamer-gate me. I swear I didn’t mean it in that way.



CM Punk for those who don’t know, is the controversial former WWE Superstar who does what he wants. He lives a straightedge lifestyle and has a bit of a trolling side to him.

He has apparently teamed up with marvel’s team of writers to help with the next Thor instalment in the comic series. He’s got plans for a young rebellious Thor as he complains about his right to be worthy of the legendary hammer.

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That is all for this week. Come back next week for another issue. Hopefully more interesting stories will be included to catch your eye.

Your one and only secret SG Chronicle reporter, 

– Dez P. Rado