Hello fellow guardians of the galaxy welcome to my weekly Destiny post. My name is HauntingLime a self proclaimed expert at Destiny.

Today is a very special day for the Destiny community as Xur has something amazing to look forward to. Today Xur is located at the back of Tower North. He’s normally very easy to spot. Guardians just can’t seem to stay away from him. Now lets see what special treats await us on this fine day.




The Armamentarium is the best exotic chest piece strange coins can buy for the Titan class. I repeat it is the BEST! The reasoning behind this is that it fits well for both PvE and PvP elements of the game. The chest piece is a walking armoury as its perks provide additional heavy and special ammo. This week the Armamentarium comes with a whopping 138 Discipline. That’s the highest it’s ever been.

The main reason why I would recommend the Armamentarium is for its unique perk “Grenade Booster”. This perk allows the user to carry an additional grenade. That’s right! The Titans have a shot at being the Warlocks for a short time. Kidding aside this chest piece outputs colossal free damage. So I highly recommend it.

Should you buy it?

To sum it up this chest piece is a MUST BUY! For only 13 strange coins it allows you to carry additional heavy and special ammo. Which is insane in both the Crucible and the raid. Plus an additional grenade for that extra free damage. So Guardian’s what are you waiting for, pull out your strange coins and hand them to Xur. You wont be disappointed




The Crest of Alpha Lupi is just gorgeous. Everything about it screams, “look at me, don’t you think I look fabulous”. This chest piece gives you overwhelming Strength, 132 to be exact. Which is the higher than previous weeks. This is a good Hunter chest piece, however Lucky Raspberry being the better of the two. This chest piece allows you to carry more Hand Cannon and special ammo. If you are a heavy user of the two then it would suit your play style immensely.

The main reason why I would recommend this chest piece is for its unique perk called “Keeper of the pack”. This ability is excellent for the raid as it allows you to revive fallen teammates faster. This is by far the best PvE chest piece to equip to your Hunter. It is also very good in Skirmish but I wouldn’t advice on it, as they’re other better alternatives.

Should you buy it?

All in all this is a good chest piece for the Hunter class but only if it really suits your weapon style. It’s perks heavily outweigh its uses in the Crucible. Only get this if you don’t already own any exotic gear for your Hunter class otherwise I would suggest to save your 13 strange coins for another day.



I have the pleasure of owning this exotic chest piece myself and it’s a beast for PvP. Every time I play in the crucible, it just helps me guarantee a kill. This chest piece is specific to the Voidwalker sub-class and is a great choice for PvP. It also has limited use with the Sunsinger sub-class as it allows you to have full grenade energy every time you spawn. It’s great for cheesing Atheon, if you are skilled enough to do it.

The perks offered by Voidfang Vestments w the Warlock to hold additional Hand Cannon and special ammo. This seems to be the trend this week. What really makes this chest piece special is the perk called “Improved Axion Bolt”. This allows for an additional Axion Bolt grenade seeker so it allows easier triple kills. You also spawn with full grenade energy, which is detrimental in the Crucible. What’s not to like. Well his week the exotic chest piece only offers 115 strength, which isn’t that great.

Should you buy it?

This exotic chest piece is perfect if you prefer to rock the Voidwalker. The perks it provides will greatly benefit to that specific role. Combine the perks and class specialty, this is a must for all warlock’s in the Crucible. I sure love mine and I hate to think how much I would suck without it. In conclusion a must buy for any warlock who loves to play as the Voidwalker. Best choice for PvP, decent for PvE.




Oh baby! I can’t believe it. Xur is actually selling the best gun in Destiny. For anyone asking if this is worth it. Just don’t please. I am speaking out of experience when I say this is the best gun in the game, since I got this gun weeks ago doing the weekly nightfall. Right out of the box this gun is so much fun. The animations of the gun just make me all giddy and excited. It has a real wild west feeling to it and I somewhat feel like a badass. Believe me it’s just so much fun. Just that factor alone makes it worth buying, seriously. I’ve never been a Hand Cannon kind of guy but this gun changed me. I’ll never go back.

This gun is so much fun where leveling this up to get its unique perk is somewhat effortless. It makes killing pleasurable. Online of course. This gun has amazing impact and this gun fires in full auto. Yes you heard me this is the only Hand Cannon that shoots in full auto. The fire rate is incredible, it just melts through anything it shoots at. Fully maxed out this gun hits like a truck. Combined with the fact that its unique perk, The Last word gives it amazing stability. If that isn’t enough for you, you can add perfect balance into the mix to added stability. Honestly I cant do this weapon any justice by talking about it. It is just that awesome.

Should you buy it?

ABSOLUTELY FUCKING YES! I do sound like an uncontrollable fanboy but I don’t give a shit. This gun deserves praise. It is the go to gun in PvP,  not even the Suros Regime can dethrone this badboy from the top spot. I’ve used countless guns in Destiny but non-have affected me like The Last Word. It is a shame that this gun might see a nerf in the future but I am happy that everyone will get a chance to see how awesome it is. I can’t recommend it enough.

For PvE this gun is just as awesome, It isn’t the best PvE gun but it sure rival’s the best. The only downside on this gun has is that it doesn’t offer any elemental damage, if it did it would be downright broken in every aspect of the game. I often swap between The Last Word and the Fatebringer and honestly The Last Word always has me in awe every time. It has everything going for it. I assure you it will revitalize your enjoyment of the game.

I seriously urge anyone who can spare 23 strange coins to just buy this spectacular weapon. You wont be disappointed, that’s a guarantee.



That wraps up my thoughts on Xur’s exotic merchandise for this week. This has been the best week of Destiny so far, so lets all rejoice on the few good things destiny has to offer.