One Piece 767 Review


This is the chapter where we all get our hearts broken. He’s done what he set out to do. With Rocinante having given the fruit to Law, there is only one thing left to do; make sure Law gets away safely. He has to accept his fate. Even though we knew this was coming, why does it hurt so much? Why the tears in my eyes? Why the lump in my throat?





There is no denying it now. The one in the picture is X Drake. We saw another glimpse of his face and there was definitely the mark on his face. That’s not all; Diez Barrel even mentioned that for a guy with the power, he has no balls. That clearly relates to his awesome devil fruit. Not quite sure how he must have attained it but he’s had the fruit from a young age it seems.

There is a lot of gossip surrounding what he thinks of Doflamingo and this reason for joining up with Kaido. Some claim he harbours some kind of hatred toward Doflamingo for killing who we assume is his father and family.

However, we also see that he was treated like shit so it could be that he’s grateful to Doflamingo.

Truth be told, he should be somewhat involved in taking Kaido down in some sense. Law and Drake may have even met during this flash-back.

One thing of note though. Remember how he’s shown to be fearless in the Sabaody arc and was ready to take on anyone and even now, when he openly attacked one of Kaido’s crew members. It shows how much he’s developed as a character from way back in this back-story where he’s running away like a coward. Smart thing to do but Diez Barrels definitely mentioned he was a coward.

It was later mentioned in the chapter that a child was rescued by the marine after he managed to escape from the bird-cage so it cannot be a co-incidence. This is how Drake becomes a marine.

However, I wonder how he managed to escape the inescapable cage. Nobody could get in or out I thought, unless you were really powerful. Was drake that powerful even as a child? If that is the case, could he possibly be heading to Dressrosa as we speak and be the one to put an end to Doflamingo’s control over the city? After all, it is possible Kaido sends his strongest to find out what the hell is going on with his supplies.

 Could we see Luffy, Law and Kaido team up here against Doflamingo?




So it was revealed Doflamingo actually unlocked the King’s Haki at a young age just before he murdered their father. Trebol and Vergo go back with Mingo even way back then. So I can see why they’re so close to him. They’ve grown up together and have seen where he came from.

Doflamingo has been powerful ever since he was a kid. He had something inside him that gave him not only the will to survive but the will to influence others to accept him the way he is. They might not like him. They may hate him with all their heart but he gets his way whether they like it or not. They just have to accept it.

So Trebol mentions giving him some sort of power for revenge. Is he talking about the string fruit here? Did Trebol give him the fruit? Do you reckon Trebol has been a second father to him in a sort of way? Even at this moment in time, the rest are doing their own business but it is Trebol at his side.

Notice how Donquixote Homing is smiling at his death, just like Rocinante and those with the Will of D.? It’s quite interesting if you think about it. Do you reckon his lineage has anything to do with the D.?



Doflamingo has more feelings for Rocinante than Rocinante has for Doffy; it’s quite obvious. It is clear that Rocinante held a grudge against him from all that time ago when he shot their father. I don’t blame him to be honest but I just want to point out that it is Doflamingo who actually see’s their relationship as blood.

Rocinante sees him as some kind of sinner. I mean truth be told, Doflamingo is as bad as they come but perhaps Rocinante should have tried to save him from the darkness that consumes him rather than try to let him rot with it.

 I found an interesting translation here of some of the words used and the writer of this piece describes how the words used link the Tenryubito to Buddhism. This is quite an interesting read so make sure you give it a quick glance at the very least.




Rocinante is ready to face Doflamingo. To the extent he’s even garnered the attention of some of his crew members who can’t believe he’s actually talking. All the meanwhile, he’s hidden Law away in a trunk. Clearly he’s got a plan but what does he expect to do? With the bird-cage in place, it’s going to be difficult to get away.

So he confronts the guy whilst hiding Law out of sight, even using his fruit to stop him from making any noise. Despite promising Law Doflamingo won’t do anything to him, Corazon knows in his heart it is time to die. The ‘I Love You’ is his way of saying goodbye to Law. That bromance was just too strong. The feels that come with that smile… Right in the CORAZON!

He doesn’t really care about dying anymore. The only thing he cares about is Law. Nothing else matters. Just Law! Law should get away from Doflamingo’s clutches. He wants to save him. Perhaps in a way, he see’s Law as a version of himself. Just like Sengoku rescued him from going down a path of evil, he too wishes to do the same for Law. Or perhaps even, he doesn’t want the same thing to happen to Law that happened to his brother.

When it is clear Doflamingo wants Law back to serve has his personal sacrifice, it triggers an anger within Corazon that shocks Doflamingo, despite the guy being half dead.



Rocinante was rescued as a child by Sengoku and he confessed to Doflamingo his true identity; a marine commander. It almost felt like he was taunting Doflamingo, showing how proud he was for having chosen a righteous path.

Rocinante seems to have declared it on that very day that he had no family when Sengoku found him. So for him, Doflamingo was no longer his brother.

Doflamingo is distraught but he knows he has to kill Corazon here for his betrayal. He doesn’t really want to because Doflamingo actually has loved Corazon as a brother. Just a shame they both chose different paths.

With the news that the marines have taken a boy, Corazon’s lie of Law having escaped works once they realise Law has ate the Ope-Ope no Mi. Doflamingo wants him for the immortality. He clearly states it. Which makes me wonder, if he expected Corazon to give up his life for Doflamingo as well?

The scene where Corazon is shot was very well done. It was just so well done. The artwork just worked so well. It’s hard to explain but the image that it creates. The feelings… I’m finding it hard to even write this. They both had their guns pointed at each other but in the end, Corazon couldn’t shoot the bastard, he had to try and protect Law for as long as he could.



Now this surprised me. I had never taken this woman very seriously before. I knew she was old timer and a vice admiral and all but when I saw her unit make an appearance I thought to myself, ‘Pfft… This is going to be a walk in the park for Doflamingo’s crew.’

To see them run away out of fear caught me by surprise. It made me realise how strong this woman must be. I mean she’s been around the ages with Garp and Sengoku. Probably took on Shiki and Roger’s crews and survived. Perhaps her Devil Fruit ability is a lot stronger than it seems. Washing people out and leaving them immobilized and their evil washed out seems like an awesome power when you think about it. Could reform a lot of evil pirates.



They say the final moments of a man’s life define him. Being in such pain, Corazon can give up and let himself drift away to his farewell but he refuses to do so. He holds on so that Law can make his escape whilst mourning his friend; the effects of his Devil Fruit remaining active as long as breathes.

Corazon died smiling as Law made his escape and his cries were finally heard. It looked so calmingly peaceful as he lay there in the snow. I’ve never seen somebody so happy as they died before. It was just so touching… the snow falling on him, burying his heart of gold. It’s no wonder the heart seat has been left vacant for all these years. There could be nobody who could replace him.

He saved Law. He did it. How saving Law became the purpose of his life is very interesting. And the selflessness he showed in doing so. I think that act alone makes him worthy of being one of the greatest characters in One Piece.

I mean think about it. Law was just some kid. Nobody wanted anything to do with him. Doflamingo only wanted him to use his anger against the world government and raise another subordinate. Corazon did what nobody else in the world could do for a dying child. He gave him love.