Hi, Supernova here!

Thanks to Detective Loki who introduced me to Desperado and the realm of the Sleeping Geeks.

Dr Who Supernova

Online blogging is relatively new for me, though I have been writing from the moment I could. I like to draw, only very occasionally. In this I truly am a beginner, I currently only like to sketch and shade and it’s always anime or manga characters.


I belong to all the usual fandoms. I grew up reading Harry Potter and The Narnia Chronicles and  watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and then Supernatural.


I spend most of my time daydreaming in one of two parallel universes of my choice. The first being Middle Earth; The Lord of The Rings trilogy will always be relevant for me and it is my all time favourite movie! The second being the universe in which I accompany The Doctor on all his adventures.


With my knowledge of Physics and his knowledge of EVERYTHING we make an awesome time-travelling team!


And then come the very special crossover episodes, which I will leave to you to ponder the epicness of such an eventuality…


I tend to write when I feel like I need to, in the sense of just writing down my thoughts in general, on nothing in particular… Very vague, I know… I am yet to develop a writing style or perhaps my style can be labelled as a chaotic mess. So excuse me, while I catch my breath and find my footing as I am used to writing in journals and by the press of a pen to paper.


If there is something in particular anyone would like me to write about, don’t hesitate to ask I always welcome a challenge!


Also as I read ALOT of books. I may pen some reviews on some that I have really enjoyed reading. And again, if anyone wants me to review any books, let me know… I just need an excuse to buy more books!


I hope to blog fairly regularly for anyone who wishes to venture down the paths that I may tread on this long and hopefully inspiring journey that awaits us… The Start of a Supernova!