Kiseijū Sei no Kakuritsu


The cliffhanger at the end of episode three had left many of us at the edge of our seats. Our heroes Shinichi and Migi were going to face the ridiculously crazy maniac ‘A’ in the middle of school corridor with no route of escape. The situation was pretty tense I would say.




So we start the episode with the fight between ‘A’ and Migi. The two are going at it, hammer and tongs. All this whilst Shinichi is stood frozen, despite the fact Migi having given him clear instructions.

I guess it’s difficult to do considering there’s a knife fight between aliens going on between you at a 100mph.

If someone told you to run across a motorway assuring you nothing will hurt you, even if that person was superman, you would still be a little concerned.

Eventually Shinichi was able to gather enough courage to do so and the result was ‘A’ almost bleeding out. Having not concerned himself with the human he had left an opening for Shinichi to take action whilst Migi was completely concentrating on defence.


‘A’ decided to go to Ryoko who he shared a relationship of sort with. Even if that relationship only extended to sex, she was the only one he felt he could go to.  He wanted to transfer himself onto a part of her body until he could find a new host I believe.

Little did he know, this woman had set up a trap for him with gas cylinders in place ending up in an explosion that covered the story up as a terrorist attack. Just shows, you can’t really trust people you don’t know very well.

Ryoko then ran into problem of her own. She was called out for being pregnant by the school and asked about who had knocked her up. In the end, she just walked out, not wanting the trouble. She also realised that her role of playing the goody teacher called Ryoko is over.



Shinichi’s mother notices there’s something different about him. Obviously when somebody is hiding such a big difference, people close to that person can tell, especially a mother. I didn’t like the bit where Shinichi snapped at his mom but it was a close call considering Migi was trying to learn how to use a gun. Like a seriously fucked up situation.

Funny things mothers… Ryoko’s mother also realises something is wrong about her daughter as the bitch comes home to find her. In fact, it only takes her a short moment to question the woman and ask her what she had done with her daughter. She was at the phone dialling for the police when Ryoko cut her off, literally.

What a sad state of affairs eh? Getting killed by your own daughter…

Ryoko 2



This is where things get interesting. Shinichi and Migi run into Ryoko again. However this time, she isn’t in a friendly mood at all. In fact, she’s had enough of Shinichi and sees him as a threat. She has every intention to kill him off and Migi is well aware he is no match for her. Apparently she has two different morph patterns. I guess this is the equivalent of an upgrade power for Parasytes.

She claims she received a directive when I took over this body, “Devour this species!” Now that’s pretty damn scary if you ask me.

However, she soon discovers that there is also something different about him. I mean seriously, what is it with women? They notice changes so quickly, it’s frightening. I bet even Shinichi is sick and tired of hearing it.

She claims he isn’t completely human anymore and that his brain has been infected so therefore she doesn’t want to kill him anymore. She wants to observe the changes, just like she plans to observe her child as an experiment. It is clear its human but she was pretty straight forward about planning to kill it should he need to.