Kiseijū Sei no Kakuritsu


So episode five already… I’m quite surprised how into this anime I am. Not a moment of boredom. I actually look forward every week for this anime, more than any others. I want to see where this is going with Shinichi and his body becoming corrupt with Parasyte genes.



Parasyte Eye



This episode started off with something interesting; a new female parasyte who is travelling with her partner, a human. Not sure what it was planning to do. Probably eat him out of town but he stops paying attention to the road and they crash.

Realising she’s about to die because she didn’t wear her seatbelt (stupid parasyte), she decides to switch bodies with the man, leaving her host behind.

The switch is successful but has to be done precisely, knocking the other head of clean before attaching. But later, this parasyte realises that controlling a male and female is very different and even bladder control is proving a task for it. It eventually decides it needs to find a female host.

It was actually quite funny watching it walk around with a wet patch at the front of its clothes feeling the discomfort. See, it is a lot harder being a man. This parasyte just realised.

For these guys, it can be like moving houses. Like seriously fucked up shit. I guess they can then eat their previous host as well to make things more efficient.



Our protagonist is late for work because Migi decides sleep is more important than school but that’s the shocking part. The dude can now split off from Shinichi’s body for a short period of time. It takes the form of a small pet. Eerie yet fascinating.

Shinichi is also confirmed to be definitely changing with inhuman features developing in his brain. For this reason, he is hell bent in proving he’s still human. He ends up doing some pretty stupid stuff.



Shinichi realises the thing that separate humans from parasytes is altruism; the selflessness to help someone without thinking about yourself. Wanting to prove his humanity, he decides to risk his body in order to protect a fellow classmate called Nagai who has run into trouble with a gang of sorts. He gets a handful of fists for his trouble but doesn’t allow Migi to intervene.

His bravery pisses of the gang as they mistake it for ‘posing’. People don’t like wannabe heroes. They keep him on their hit-list. A girl in the group takes pity and decides to intervene, taking them to stop. But then realises something isn’t right about him. She looks into his eyes and see’s something that isn’t normal. Something that shocks her. What the hell is up with this girl?



Her name is Kana. She notices something about Shinichi whilst he’s getting beaten up after taking a look into his eyes. She was initially a part of the gang but ultimately changes sides after the experience.

Later when Murano is taken by the gang members and Shinichi has to fight for her, she manages to call Nagai and the boys from Shinichi’s school to break up the fight. I say break up but it caused more of a gang-fight.

It was a close call too since Migi was on the verge of slicing the boys up. I wonder how Murano would have reacted.



Murano walks with Shinichi to his home which I think was really sweet. She’s grown fonder of him after his bravery today. Things were going well until he asked her to spend the night to which she politely declines, much to Migi’s disappointment more than anything else. The little pervert wanted to experience love making.

Kana has taken a definite interest in Shinichi and even follows him home, making an appearance as Murano leave. This might get awkward if this turns into a love triangle.

Migi points out that Kana has a special ability in which she can sense different wavelengths similar to how parasytes do and can probably sniff out the parasytes. He mentions Murano also has this ability but it’s not as concrete as it is with Kana.



The ending of this episode was mind blowing. MIND BLOWING! I did not see this coming…

You see, Migi advises Shinichi it would be a good idea to let his parents leave the city on holiday as it would be safer considering they want to go. At first Shinichi was dead against it, hence why his mother was concerned in the previous episode.

Shinichi eventually puts it down to feeling lonely and allows them to go. Little did he know that weird body switching parasyte is going to target his mother…

The frantic phone call from his father was brilliantly done. He’s there dying but trying to warn Shinichi about his mother. He manages to get a few words across and Migi has managed to make enough sense of it but Shinichi refuses to believe it.

There is a parasyte approaching their house fast. It even has a key to unlock the door. It’s obvious what’s going on but Shinichi refuses to believe it.

Migi tries to talk sense to him. He’s pleading to the guy, trying to snap out of it but Shinichi has completely lost it. He’s there talking to the parasyte as if it’s his mother. Starts talking about the Migi problem like a confession and says they need to see doctor about it.

The mother even says she came here looking for the guy who might have survived, talking about his father. The look she carries is completely off the gentleness of her mother; clearly looks possessed.

Migi is ready to fight it but Shinichi is having none of it. He takes a knife and puts it to his arm, threatening the creature if he was to say another word about his mother. He blames Migi for allowing them to leave. The distraction was enough to allow his mother to stab his right through the chest.

To be stabbed by your own mother. The thoughts that must be going through his head. He was in denial but I’m sure the reality will hit him now when the pain hits his body. That moment is beautiful as he looks in shock, tears weeping down his face.

At this point, even I almost had tears in my eyes…