The stage is set, Crota’s End is near. Guardian are you ready?

The trailer gives us our first look at Crota, son of Oryx. A Hive god that has returned to wreak havoc. We’ve used his sword before in the base campaign, but now it’s time to face it. Will Crota’s End be your end?

Credit goes to YouTuber, Mr Jester6598 for accidentally uncovering this early.  He says he doesn’t know how it happened or how to replicate it. All we know is good job Bungie A+ for creativity but come on, get your shit together. Crota is just a blown up version of a Hive Knight, I can’t say I’m surprised but heck I’m excited.

How do you guys feel about this? please let me know. As a Raid veteran I am stoked, don’t know if I will be making the plunge just yet but this got my thinking. Bungie you had my curiosity but now you have my attention


Farewell Guardians.