Are we the ones wanting to be noticed by the Universe or does the Universe want to be noticed by us?

Is it just another self created notion to feel some sort of self worth or self importance. Is it to trick ourselves so that we may resume the achingly dull existence that we continue to lead. How else can we explain the crappy 9-5 jobs and the endless TV shows. Why would anyone waste a moment on these things, if we truly appreciated our finite existence on this Earth, amongst the stars…

Is it some sort of fatal flaw in the minds of humans that prevents us from really seeing, therfore really living. Or is it a mechanism of the mind to prevent us from spiralling into a deep and dark oblivion, that is the finiteness of these passing moments and the suffocating pain that comes with the realisation of the inevitability that is death…

Ultimately aren’t we all just on a path to search for inspiration. Some are searching for inspiration of the heart and some of the mind.

Though undoubtedly, one follows the other.

The question is, are you doing all that you can to find your path in life? Are any of us?