This is a poem I wrote as I felt myself question my way of living and from there the words just flowed until this lengthy piece was written. I don’t usually write poetry so any feedback would be appreciated. I hope you enjoy reading ‘All Wise Men Fear’.


Living my life in fear

Is it a life of living?

Keeping my mind in clear

Thoughts of what life is giving


Give it a moment’s reflection

Mirror the fear it is chilling

Cold as a father’s protection

Neither reliant nor willing


Will it still teach me to give?

When I have too much to lose

Am I allowed to still live?

Even after the abuse


Abusing money and time

But youth is too dear to waste

Hunting artistic sublime

It’s what I’m craving to taste


Tasting the blood on my lips

Mouthful of love and obsession

Pain of a crimson eclipse

May be my only possession


Possessed by Sloth, Greed and Lust

I live my life in cold sin

Gluttony and Wrath in I trust

Envy and Pride deep within


Into Abyss I shall go

Depths of despair I shall face

Unless deceit I ignore

Truth of the world I still chase


Chasing my dreams is a lie

If I climb cheap elevation

Paving my body to die

On the path to revelation


Reveal the dark in the bright

Hiding the light in the shadows

Seek out adventure; set right

Hunting outcast Desperados


Desperate to better mistakes

Never too late to turn back

What am I willing to stake?

So that I never burn black


Blacker than the farewell moon

Is the limit to my sight

Unless I seek the true soon

Much to the mornings delight


De-lighted my passage was

Until I found my true worth

I and myself became us

Like the dead old and the earth


Unearth the worldly desires

Combine the iron with blood

Put out the unburning fires

Using the driest of floods


Flooding the deserts of sorrow

Borrowing breath from the heavens

I live my life for tomorrow

Destroying days by the seven


Seventeen and I‘m ready

I had my tongue in my soul

Thought I was taking it steady

Trying to figure my role


Rolling through endless emotions

Until I mounted the ceiling

Living each day in devotion

To understand what I’m feeling


Feel the presence of my life

As it dwells deeper in patience

Taking away from my strife

All the ache of the ancients


Ancestral teachings make sense

Now that I pause to consider

My body ceases to tense

Even as the final bidder


Biding my time as I ease

Away the fear in my mind

No longer needing to please

Those whom I need not be kind


Kindest occasions rise up

When your mind opens to give

There’s no more reason to stop

When the heart beckons to live