One Piece Chapter 770 Review

After a two week break, I was hoping for a chapter to inspire me to write considering I had also had a two week break myself. I guess the One Piece Withdrawal had kicked in again.





It is finally happening. Luffy and Bellamy are actually having a fight. Not as enemies this time but as friends. That gives this fight so much more importance. It’s not very often Luffy has to fight someone he thinks of as a friend and it changes the way he reacts.

That punch was awesome, I have to admit but Luffy would have never taken it if his mind was in the right place. At this moment of time, there is too much emotion on both parts which makes this fight that much more awesome.

I had no idea Bellamy had already learnt Armament Haki and has imbued both his legs and arms with it. The haki not only propels his springs to push much harder and faster but it’s like  a train ramming into you with the punch lined up in armour as well.

Luffy will have to put him down but it’s just all so emotional at the moment. Bellamy wants to redeem the previous fight they had and go out with some respect. I think that’s what it’s really about.


Is it just me or has this fight dragged on long enough without us getting much, if anything at all. I’m waiting for Zoro to cut the squeaky voiced bastard down to nothing. I’m sure he can cut stone since a while now.

It was nice to see Zoro make fun of the dude’s voice though. Can’t wait to hear that in the anime; should be hilarious.



I don’t know about anybody else but she is one of the most adorable characters in One Piece, ever since she was a child. The way she seems to think everybody is in love with her just makes me both laugh and makes my heart melt because she feels so strongly about it.

Can you imagine if she and Sanji ever got into a fight? He would openly declare his love for her and she would accept it with open arms. Neither will be able to fight each other.


I thought the whole warrior of Elbaf thing was a bit forced. Yeah I see what Oda was trying to do but it didn’t really work for me. Mach Vice is a mother-fucking tank. That’s all I have to say. The dude can just about crush anything with his weight but this giant managed to send him into the roof of the bird-cage.

What got my attention was Zoro claiming the Bird Cage wouldn’t last for long. Does our favourite swordsman have a plan to destroy it? Or does he mean that Mach Vice will break it with the counter the giant had used.