One Piece Chapter 771 Review


This week wasn’t about the Strawhats. It was more about the situation at hand and some of the not so popular characters. Well mainly one that I hadn’t even really paid much attention to.






This fight between Zoro and Pika has gone on long enough without any action. They’re just running around faffing about. I expect Zoro to clean this huge piece of rock up by the next chapter. The whole bit with Orlumbus showing his bowling trick was kinda pointless in my opinion but I guess we can let that ball slide as long as we get to see some real action next chapter.




Now this fight was much better. The whole thing with Don Chinjao worrying over his grandson’s future as his betrothal is with someone else. Just because Baby-5 declared that she thinks he needs her. The poor guy doesn’t even know what the hell is going on.

And Lao-G has his own comic moment where he almost passes away standing there out of old age but then returns to kick Chinjao’s ass. But it isn’t he who defeats the old man.



Chinjao decides he must intervene with what he thinks is Sao Chinjao showing weakness in front of a woman. All because Baby-5 is willing to die in order to be useful to her new lover. Sao being more of a gentleman than we thought tells her not to. Don Chinjao tries to attack her and he uses his own Chinjao technique with his leg that snaps the old man’s head.

This in turn grants him the position of the Don of the Happou Navy replacing Don Chinjao. So he has become the new Don Chinjao.

I know, it’s all very confusing but dude, it was awesome to read.




I’ve loved this girl for a while now. Like she is an awesome character and all and her role in Law’s backstory was amazing. But now, after just a single chapter that was focused on her, she has stolen my heart.

This girl is like no other I’ve seen in One Piece so far. She is totally a sweetheart and everything she does is justified.

You see, as a young child, all her life she was told she was useless and a burden on this earth. Even her own mother wished for her to die as she ate too much. Can you imagine growing up in such an environment?

This has left her in a psychological mess where she just wants to be useful to somebody. Anybody in fact as we have seen in the case with Sao Chinjao. She was willing to kill herself to be useful. Who thinks that having a useful death is worth dying for? Not many people would but this girl… I could cry tears for her. She is just so adorable.

I have  a thing for damaged girls and I think this one is the most damaged we’ve met so far. I mean Robin just wanted to live and wasn’t allowed to. That really got to me. But here we have a girl who doesn’t care if she dies as long as she was of use to someone.

At the end of the chapter we have a joyous moment for the girl as Lao G and Sao Chinjao begin fighting for her with Sao claiming he will marry her if he defeats Lao G.