It’s 2015! The year of Jaws 19 and Hoverboards… Well supposedly anyway, although the latter has actually become a reality… but less about that and more about my plans for the year.

I just realised, I did something similar last year but that was more about New Year’s Resolutions. I guess this one can be similar, although they’re more like commitments rather than half-assed promises that I don’t plan on keeping.

It’s all good and fun claiming you’re going to do such and such a thing and then completely ignoring it after a couple of months.

I didn’t do terribly bad last year although I didn’t stick with what I had planned to do. Then again, I am not great at planning ahead and am more capable of developing an idea rather than following set instructions. I blame procrastination.


This year, it’s all going to be different. This year I’m just going to give myself targets. Targets are a way to track progress towards something and even you don’t achieve what you had hoped for, by the end of the year, you will be somewhere on that journey.

Last year my idea was to have a fully functioning website that I manage with a bunch of friends. I was hoping to have it self-hosted and have developed a regular following. Although the former I have accomplished, the latter is still not quite there yet.

I was also hoping the website would be self-sufficient and therefore could pay for itself rather than having to cough up money each year to run this hobby. That is also a work in progress.


What I want to achieve by the following year is recognition. I know it’s quite a huge leap forward. There are many websites similar to Sleeping Geeks out there and they’ve been running for 3-4 years; some even more than that. I know that and I still want to press on because I am ambitious and I want to achieve more than what the average person can.

The recognition thing can be in any form. As long as we develop a group of regular followers of some aspect of our blog, I would accept it as an accomplishment. Sleeping Geeks has the potential to develop its own small community. People like us; Sleeping Geeks.

This will also be the year I start writing my novel. This is going to be a tough one because I still haven’t got around to planning a plot out for my story. I’ve been on this boat for a couple of months now but struggling to come to terms with all the ideas I have.

Several starts have been made, sometimes a chapter has been written but I am nowhere near reaching a novel. This is going to be quite a challenge for me but I am adamant on overcoming this.

What I want to do is write a fantasy novel but I’m afraid all my ideas are similar to what I may have read before. I’ve got an idea for an original story but that is way too complicated to write at my current level. I’d rather dabble in shallow waters before trying to swim the English Channel.


2015 is also the year I want to continue with my progress in reading; whether that be books or manga, it doesn’t matter to me. I want to increase my knowledge as well as become a better writer and there is no better way than to read and read and read some more.

With manga, there is plenty that I plan to read with so many names being thrown out at me all the time. I have a list somewhere but I can’t seem to find it at this very moment. With books however, I don’t really have any.

For some reason, it seems people like to keep what they read private and don’t share with other people. Not like movies or tv shows. I’m not sure why that is but I think maybe because it involves using one’s own imagination and for that reason they find books to be more personal.


Here’s to hoping this year is more productive and fruitful than the previous year although I am pretty sure there will be many stumbling blocks along the way.