A Geek who doesn’t like Star Wars

Now this may come as a surprise to a lot of people but even though I associate myself as a geek, I do not find the Star Wars genre as attractive as others. I have to pretend in front of my peers that I am a fan although truth be told, I neither love nor hate Star Wars.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think there is anything wrong with Star Wars as a story. I think it’s a great plot and I am completely in love with the whole Jedi Wars aspect of it although I have to admit, I’m more inclined to the Dark Side. And don’t even get me started with my desire to own a Light-Sabre. However, it’s not something that I hold dear to my heart as it is with other fandoms.

Perhaps it’s something to do with sci-fi that doesn’t really fly well with me. I think I’m more of a medieval fantasy type guy more than anything else.

After confessing to a friend recently, I decided it was time I venture into the world of Star Wars, having put it off for such a long time. The dilemma I was immediately faced with was whether to start with the original series and follow the plotline with the sequel series before the prequels or whether to watch it in chronological order.

I discussed this with an avid Jedi Knight fan and decided it would be best to go with the latter. The reasoning behind this, in the words of my advisor, it would be better to watch the shitty one’s first and then move on to the good ones. This would allow me to remain interested in the series rather than lose it. It would also result in the progression of the story from the birth of Luke Skywalker to his demise.

This turned out to work in completely the opposite direction for me. The new series, as bad as it was with the lousy acting and poor direction, did have me intrigued to some extent. I watched through all three movies without too many problems and I did happen to enjoy the movies to a certain degree. That’s not to say, I didn’t notice several ways as to how the movies could be improved. The plot was great but the execution was appalling it has to be said.

Having watched these CGI-imbued movies making progression in their effects as they advanced through the movies, I was left with much to desire in that essence when it came to watching the first instalment of the series which was released a few decades ago.

The thrill was there and the action was great but I wasn’t drawn into the plot or the characters. Perhaps having prior knowledge of who Princess Leia was and the plotline that ensued between Luke and his father didn’t quite help.

All in all, I wasn’t entirely impressed with the legendary series and although I am looking forward the third trilogy, I can’t say I am overly eager as some of those that consider themselves fanatics.


10 responses to “A Geek who doesn’t like Star Wars

  1. No no no! Your friend is the worst! She should have suggested the machete order: 4, 5, 2, 3, 6.

    With the machete order, you open up with the iconic moments of the original series and its gradual introduction of concepts like The Force and Jedi Knights without ruining twists like “I am your father” (which is probably not a big deal for you, but it is for children watching the series for the first time). After episode 5, it falls into a flashback showing the early days of the Jedi Knights and Anakin’s fall from grace, before ultimately returning to the present and showing his redemption. Episode 1 is removed entirely, since every concept or character it introduces is reintroduced in Episode 2 (and new viewers never learn about midichlorians).

    This retains the plot pacing better, maintains the twists and reveals of the original, and softens that huge visual quality dropoff that occurs when watched in chronological order.


  2. Wow, this is amazingly serendipitous — I think you must have read my blog post about book sales, and I was intrigued to check out your blog.
    My 7 year old grandson who figures in the blog as Young Sprout is into Star Wars through the animated series and Lego and is always asking me questions about the plot and the characters so I have been thinking lately that I really do need to brush up.

    Because of the animated series YS knows that Anakin is Luke’s Dad so a lot of kids may also be aware of this.
    I will try the chronological order as I’ve never seen the newer ones and when the first trilogy came out they were state of the art.


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