Light Yagami – Justice Knight or Ruthless Killer?

Before you read this article, I want you to answer a question:

How many of you have seen Death Note and ever wished to own one?


In the Death Note series, the protagonist (or the antagonist as you would say) Light Yagami,  goes through a drastic transformation from a university scholar to a merciless murderer.

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 Acknowledgement of right and wrong is an important virtue for people. But what happens when someone who has an acute sense turns too extreme to be accepted by others?


In the beginning Light just uses the note to punish the criminals but turns irredeemably evil when he kills Naomi Misora, an innocent agent who has evidence against him. His obsession with winning a game more than the will to create the moral world just becomes evident when he starts killing any innocent being who stands in his way. This is undoubtedly wrong considering his only motive was to do justice by punishing the criminals. From that point onwards the spots of corruption start marking the clear page of justice.


Though,  all his former self is not completely lost in this journey. When L dies, a tear rolls down Light’s cheek,  surprising even him . The guy who cared a lot for his family turned into someone so cold that he killed people without giving it a second thought. He became the guy whose plan included that killing his own sister, should it come down to it. Someone who could have grown up to be a very honourable detective, dwelt on the wrong ambitions and destroyed everything he had worked towards his entire life. It caused him nothing but a final breath of misery.



What do you think the note made Light;  A Justice Knight or a Ruthless Killer ?

Light and Kira

When I begun watching the series,  I so wished that I had a Death Note. I mean,  it’s so cool. But think again, is it really? It’s more of a curse than a boon.

No matter how supreme you become,  you can’t make this world perfect till you start with yourself. Evil can’t rule a palace of angels. It will only turn the angels dark.


So, considering what the Death Note did to Light Yagami…

Would you still like to have a Death Note?


4 responses to “Light Yagami – Justice Knight or Ruthless Killer?

  1. No, I don’t want to own one. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. ( We have the manga and the anime at home, but I stopped reading it, because i used to like him )


  2. Death Note was awesome. This story simply boils down to how power corrupts. I enjoyed watching the way its themes played it out. The reversal of roles of having Light as a villain truly made it a worth experience.


  3. Light is a classic example of a character with a power I like to think I’d use better. Would I use a Death Note? Heck yeah! Especially with no L to get in my way.

    Lots of morality line crossing but a chance at world peace, even if its peace out of fear not love, is worth it.


    • I don’t really know ! Wanting a death note is not a yes or no answer . I would love to have it but I’d hate it if I become as corrupt as light didn’in the end . So it’s quite an open ended question


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