It’s been a while since I reviewed Fairy Tail but considering things are moving along and it was such a significant chapter in terms of Fairy Tail, I thought why the hell not.

The chapter started off with the arrival of Zeref. He comes in like a frickin’ baws!

He steps right into the frame; not giving one shit about the hell is going on and just grabs his book. He acknowledged his minion Mard Geer, who up until this point was acting like some sort of king. Mard tried opening his mouth but a snap of his fingers and the bitch was back in his cage, the book of E.N.D.

Now I don’t know much about Zeref. He’s this mysterious character who seems to be confused about what he wants. Apparently he wants to die, seems uninterested at times and then he takes a peculiar interest in Fairy Tail’s favourite son, Natsu Dragneel.

He gave Natsu some sort of warning/challenge before splitting, leaving everybody confused and desperate for more. There was much more to desire from this short meeting but at least we got something. There is something there that Hiro Mashima can work with, if he puts his head down and concentrates on the story rather than Erza’s panty shots.

fairy tail 414

The major plot point of this chapter was the death of Igneel. The father of Natsu explains that he had to pass on his antibodies to Natsu to stop him from turning into an actual dragon hence why he remained in his body. He had thought that Acnologia could be defeated and the evil associated with dragon’s wiped out but he was unable.

The black dragon takes a bite out of Igneel and thus we see the end of the King of Flame Dragons.