The recent chapter of One Piece didn’t perk my interest enough to write a review about. I mean yes, it was pretty crazy with all the shit going on and I love the team-up of Cavendish and Barty, also known as Cabbage and Romeo.

This chapter was pretty much a continuation of that with Robin climbing her hand-made stairs and the duo teaming up so that she can get there safely.



The problem was… To defeat the half-fighting-fish, half-psycho (I’m talking about Dellinger here), Cavendish had to let his other half Hakuba take over his body. When I say his other half, I literally mean his other half, because he clearly becomes someone else when it take over his body.

You do remember Hakuba right? The almost winner of Block C. He is the demon that lives inside our pretty boy Cavendish and is a ruthless killing machine. I said Dellinger was a psycho… Compared to this guy, Dellinger is the sanest guy on the planet.

So our representative in the One Piece world; Bartolomeo, noticed that although he remained in Cavendish’s body and wore the same clothes, his face changed. Just like we can see a change in the art, indeed Bartolomeo can also notice and he points it out.



This is where things got very interesting. Hakuba was looking to cause havoc and his eyes fell upon Barty. Being the troll he is, the dude remained inside his barrier forcing Hakuba to turn his attention to Robin. Now I started to think Robin as weak and I was like oh shit. She’s going to be in trouble now… Can Barty save her?

Badass Robin stopped Hakuba in his tracks as he rushed up towards her with his amazing speed. Can it be that she has Observational Haki? I mean Barty noted that he couldn’t see when the guy moved considering he was so fast and Rebecca somehow managed to block his attack because she is a defensive fighter and relies on her speed. Robin actually caught the bastard.

She actually states that speed is one thing she can handle as she wraps him up in her limbs. No, not like that you dirty bastards. She’s using her powers but I know I wouldn’t mind being wrapped in her arms, regardless of the situation.

Snapping out of my fantasies, let’s talk about the ‘Curious Case of Cavendish’. The guy suddenly snaps back to himself and starts an internal conversation… with himself. Well it’s actually Hakuba but he is literally talking to himself from an outside perspective. He is trying to retake control of his body and doesn’t want to hurt Robin but Hakuba is hell-bent on doing just that. It must be like falling asleep and then immediately waking up considering they mentioned it to be like narcolepsy.

Whilst Cavendish and Hakuba try and sort out their domestic, Barty has the problem of trying to deal with Gladius who they started ignoring in all of this commotion.



The battle between Bartolomeo and Gladius was pretty epic. The steam-punk bastard puts our beloved fan-boy in a dilemma. He plans to blow up the wall Robin is climbing but if Barty punctures his body, he would end up releasing several needles that would pierce Robin and anybody near him. Gladius has pumped up his body and ready to explode his needles.

Barty does what any Nico Robin lover would do. He decides to sacrifice his own safety to protect Robin. He engulfs himself inside a barrier with Gladius and then punctures the Gladius’ neck. Unfortunately, he misses and gets his shoulder and receives the wrath of Gladius’ needles without doing enough damage.

This now gives Gladius the chance to blow the wall and take out Robin and Cavendish. In the situation they are in, Cavendish manages to retain control of one half of his body whilst Hakuba has the other. Using the powers of Hakuba, he manages to push away from the wall and onto the sunflower field but he too performs a heroic act in stopping the sword in Hakuba’s hand with his own hand. The dude is literally fighting himself. Fight Club much?


Barty, furious with his error imbues his hand in his barrier and strikes Gladius with a BARI BARI NO PISTOL! Fashioned after his hero, Bartolomeo takes out Gladius to end things below.

Hakuba and Cavendish continue their battle for control whilst Robin gets into action by showing us a new attack; the butterfly hands technique, aka the Wu-Tang!

She manages to stop the sword that was headed in Rebecca’s direction. She claims Rebecca has done enough, it was now time for Robin-Senpai to take care of things. Robin-Chan is nothing to fuck with! BAD-ASS ROBIN MOMENT FTW!!!